Dealing with Pedophilia in an Anarchist Society with Yaakov Markel

Anarchast Ep.457

Topics include: how would pedophilia be handled in an anarchist community, who will take action in a voluntary society, red flag danger signs, government gets in the way of ostracism, insurance company based justice, government punishment based justice, community based response, state involvement, lynch mob mentality, involuntary indenture based justice, a supportive community

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41 Comments on Dealing with Pedophilia in an Anarchist Society with Yaakov Markel

    • ..just as harmful as smoking as there r tons of chemicals in the ‘juice’ especially the glycerine which is proven to be toxic and makes the user infertile.
      …people r too lazy to research and/or too dumb to research properly.

  1. This same conversation needs hammered out on abortion . A lot of anarchists and libertarians are pro choice . With a lot of thought the best I’ve come up with is that an abortionist should be looked down on. You own your body , you abort your own baby. Beyond saving the life of the baby or woman applying force should never be done .

  2. So the way to help innocent children being sexually abused is to raise money for their future therapy??????

    Private property will work because everyone will be forced to have insurance and we can just sue each other???

    • self defense of others is morally acceptable.
      shady characters will exist at the fringes when most good ppl refuse to associate with them.

  3. Insurance?????
    So insurance companies have all the power, and just not the state????

    It sounds to me it is just the same. Big corporations or big governments are the same damn thing. This is just J talk. Bankers are thr only ones who would be happy.

    • you have choices amongst big biz including dissassociation, neither of which is true with coercive government. big biz uses gov regs to eliminate competition, gov regs hurt the educated poor the most…pay to play.

    • +little johnyjewel It’s all so horrible.
      I’d like elimination of government and huge corporations…which behavr just like corrupt governments, and they’re all corrupt.

    • +Blessed Bee Can you opt out from shopping at Walmart without any consequences??? Can you opt out from paying taxes to politicians aka governments without any consequences???

    • +Blessed Bee …a utopian dream, just a dream.
      …people have had the same utopian dream since the beginning of time, it’s just the a DREAM.

    • +JessieJ walmart employs more ppl than any other employer. this is win-win, walmart is not holding anyone down. you can grow your own food and make your own clothes. are the amish beholden to walmart or the feds for that matter?

    • you sign a contract with insurance agreements. you are agreeing to the ‘jurisdiction’ voluntarily.

  4. Wanted to tweet about this on twitter only to find I was banned…Big brother is doing more than just watching people… The perversions and corruptions by the Oligarchy are alive-well and protected by those that govern you and me and everyone else Their request for this..”Watch Dog” to govern what we do here SEEMS TO ALREADY BE IN PLACE SMH WAKE UP

  5. I don’t associate with the lynch mob. The lynch mob is composed of a bunch of mentally unstable sociopaths who usually reject objective morality and individualism and replace it with moral relativism and collectivism. Its disgusting.

  6. So we all have insurance but it works more like a social credit score? I only have insurance for my car because I am forced to. Doesn’t communist china have a social credit system? Is that really what an anarchist society is about?

  7. ..nope, this guy is sick if he is advocating castration, u r as sick as they r.
    …who r u to punish anyone.
    …just label the person and expose them with FACTS and he would be pushed out of society.
    …yes, Jeff, u r truly rational except for allowing someone else to kill him, if u don’t try and stop him u r just as guilty.
    …fighting immorality with immorality just creates more immorality.
    …a pedo especially needs help as they were also molested and unles u break the cycle u have solved nothing
     ..NO, NO ONE has the rite to kill or maim anyone other than in self defense.

    • +Ron Malcom ..yes, the cycle of immorality is never broken if u fight immorality with immorality.
      …people r so indoctrinated that they can’t see that u can win a battle without violence, but few use the brain they were created with, ‘they’ r good at dumbing down the masses, ‘they’ have been at it for 100s of thousands of yrs

  8. Very interesting topic, and interesting solutions proposed by the guest. How to deal with pedophiles in a purist libertarian/anarcho-capitalist society, is one of the most frequently asked questions, along with controversies about age of consent. I think that pedophilia is disgusting, and should be regarded as a crime, the question is, how do you handle age of consent? 18, or 17, or 16, are all just arbitrary numbers, but I think that a line needs to be drawn somewhere. I don’t think that there’s an answer that everyone is going to like. A libertarian society could decide this issue at the local level, or it could be decided on a case by case basis. Hans-Hermann Hoppe talks about covenant communities, which are contract based communities, as in if you want to live in one of these communities, you have to sign a contract, and agree to its terms, which could include an age of consent, and if you violate the terms, you face penalties, which could include “physical removal” from the community. Vigilante justice could also be another way of dealing with pedophiles. I think that anarcho-capitalist society would still have some kind of court system, as in competing private law courts, and these courts should have fully informed jury trials. If a person is brought up on charges for engaging in vigilante violence against a pedophile, a fully informed juror could vote Not Guilty, as in engaging in jury nullification, in these cases. The vast majority of the public holds pedophiles in low regard. So I think that a combination of shunning, and vigilante justice, could deal with pedophiles in an anarcho-capitalist society. Also, it should be pointed out that there are pedophiles in our present statist society, so it is not like the existence of the state is stopping pedophilia, and if one is political connected, they can get away with pedophilia under our present system.

    • ..u r spot on except for vigilante justice as fighting immorality with immorality just creates more immorality.
      …a pedo especially needs help as they were also molested and unles u break the cycle u have solved nothing

    • +Nomad Wizard I disagree. Sometimes the only thing certain people understand is violence. I am not talking about initiating violence, I am talking about dishing it out to people who violated the NAP, and yes, I consider pedophilia to be a violation of the NAP (Non-Aggression Principle). Abusing a child is a horrible crime.

    • +Nomad Wizard Also, note that I only proposed vigilante justice as one possible way to deal with pedophiles. Shunning, physical removal, and the other solutions mentioned in the interview were all good as well. Like I said in regard to age of consent, there is not going to be an answer that everyone likes. The best that can be done is to minimize the damages. Right now with the state, pedophilia is illegal, and the state is supposed to punish people for it, but if you are politically connected, you can get away with it.

    • +Nomad Wizard Another thing to think about here is what kind of people would it take to establish, and maintain, a purist libertarian/anarcho-capitalist society. It would have to consist of people who are hardcore freedom fighter type people. I’m not talking about a bunch of ivory tower philosophers and keyboard warriors. I’m talking about people who actually willing to take action in their day to day lives to establish and maintain such a society. We can sit around and talk about shunning people who violate the Non-Aggression Principle all day, but people have actually got to do it, or it is not going to work. I agree that violence should generally be avoided, but libertarians should be prepared to fight if need be. If you everyone sits back and says they are a pacifist, the libertarian society will get trampled over and destroyed by people who are not pacifists. You’ll have as much freedom as you and your neighbors advocate, and for which you are your neighbors are willing to fight. A libertarian society without a defense mechanism is a libertarian society that is waiting to be conquered, or otherwise destroyed from the inside.

    • +Libertarian Revolution self defense is not violence nor is the defense of others. using force to thwart an attack is not ‘violence’.

  9. this appears to describe a society literally dominated and controlled by corporations. insurance companies decide your destiny? sure, sounds real ‘free’. am i missing something here? i have gone around and around on these topics with many ‘anarcho capitalists’ and very rarely does anyone make any practical sense to me.

  10. Jeff, get Jay Dyer for the next Anarchapulco ! He has interesting insight on the history of anarchy.

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