David Icke on Perception, Censorship, Vaccines, The Medical System and Anarchy

David Icke on Perception, Censorship, Vaccines, The Medical System and Anarchy

Anarchast Ep.468

Topics include: an Orwellian state, censorship, cashless society, speaking the truth is an heretical act, school indoctrination into 'the postage stamp consensus', vaccine safety, media mind control, targeting of antivaxxers, a self policing population, what is a doctor? the pharmaceutical drug cartel, the illness business, vaccines and autoimmune disease, dealing with ridicule coming out as a truther, a cage of your own creation, David on Anarchism, non-hierarchical societies, diversification of power, on being open minded, AI mind control, the Renegade film project, don't let them shut you up, have no fear.

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26 Comments on David Icke on Perception, Censorship, Vaccines, The Medical System and Anarchy

  1. I love David Icke! I’ve been reading his books and watching his videos online since I was 23, and I’m almost 32 now!

    • nice to hear some light heartiness for these rather serious matters . the way to go if we want to get people to wake up .

  2. That is SO SAD + TRAGIC that a vaccine caused your sweet Mom’s confinement to a wheelchair, Jeff… ironically served up BY the medical establishment. I looked up the symptoms of swine flu, and found “symptoms of H1N1 swine flu are like regular flu symptoms and include fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, body aches, headache, chills, and fatigue.”

    Versus… not being able to walk?! That is unforgivable.

    *David Icke, I LOVE YOUR LIMITLESSNESS and intellectual bravery!!!*

    I *wish* y’all had gone on for hours. 🙂

  3. Anarchisim is the normal form of natural organisms group behavior when it is fit and healthy.
    Sadly even one is not currently but yes that’s a good direction and hopefully we can all live better lives

  4. Thank you for this wonderful interview, you brought out David Icke’s true heart in ways I’ve not seen before. I love his heart, takes me back to my old Dad gone now for almost 50 years.

    • God bless your old man Sharon, keep his memory close……i lost my Old man 2 yeas back. I agree with you David is very much an proper old time Englishman, i love his spirit

  5. great , really fantastic . love your guests , love Anarchast , David Icke is a great guy . thanks so much Jeff ! nice weekend everyone !

  6. I’ve been a huge David Icke fan since the 90s. I believe I found him about the same time as anarchy. It was great to hear his response about what it was to him because he doesn’t address it often. I vaguely remember him speaking about it once before.

  7. Jeff I remember long ago you dealing with your mom’s health issues and seeing your travels to deal with this, I do not think I ever saw or knew what it is from and I am sorry for that in your life.

  8. One way to end all the madness going on is for everyone to tear up and no longer recognise the strawman false persona indentity on their birth certificates because it ties all of us into the LEGAL (not lawful) system. a birth certificate is no less than a dog licence for humans and your slavery begins with and and thrives within admiralty law legalese universal commercial code. You want a certificate of Live birth not a Birth certificate

  9. Jeff i appreciated everything you do through out the years but this interview fantastic. YOU THE MAN!!! Me and my wife coming to ACAPULCO!!!

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