Creating A New System That Makes The Government Obsolete with Dan Larimer

Anarchast Ep.314

Jeff interviews Dan Larimer, co-founder of Steemit, topics include: free market solutions for liberty, powerful solutions that work despite government, non-violent government displacement, cryptocurrencies and decentralization, the formation and nature of BitShares, Steem and Steemit, free transactions, a long term vision, reputation systems and the blockchain, standing up for what you believe, protecting those that do stand up, helping each other, incentivizing activism, voluntary charity, Dan Larimer confirmed for Anarchapulco 2017!

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22 Comments on Creating A New System That Makes The Government Obsolete with Dan Larimer

  1. I think the best way to push Steemit forward is by tipping everyone who comments in this video 50,000 STEEM. @fulltimegeek

  2. Great Interview , Thanks Jeff and Dan.. I have interacted with so many interesting people on Steemit that I never would’ve crossed paths with before… Crypto,Blockchain, Steemit and the thinking behind them are going to change the world as we know it.

  3. “The end of government” I love your optimism! Thank you. What’s the difference between a Libertarian and an anarchist? About 3 months!

  4. 10:10 stable currency..idea that it’s not possible just to make a currency stable..that that depends on the market supplydemand

  5. What do you think of worker cooperatives as part of the grassroots anti-establishment effort to invert, discard or destroy the status quo hierarchy? They are truly democratic workplaces socialist community and environmentally conscious career alternatives to boss-owned-trickle-down–McJobs. I know it’s not “autonomous anarchy” but some people need to lean on each other. Please feature a show on them and interview Professor Richard D. Wolff if you can. Thanks!

  6. It’s pretty great hearing Steemit founders Ned and Dan speak about ANYTHING – they care about real Liberty, not the watered down down version we are force fed into that’s all we deserve-versions by government agencies.

    • and Charles Hoskinson is Steve Jobs… and the Ethos kid is Mark Zuckerberg

  7. The debate is fascinating at least you are having it,the times are going to change,one way or the other, the status quo is unsustainable,I have seen something else called the Venus project,who knows? Personally it’s the ideas that are really powerful and at least one of them will work,eventually

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