Conspiracy Theories – Crypto, Central Banks, Chemtrails and California Fires with G. Edward Griffin

Anarchast Ep.446

Jeff Berwick interviews author of 'The Creature from Jekyll Island, G Edward Griffin. Topics include: entertaining ideas without accepting them, the federal reserve, cryptocurrencies are a volatile emerging market, intrinsic value, getting outside the current financial system, the California fires, abnormal high temperatures, vaporized ceramics, aluminium deposits, a plan to get people out of the country and into the cities, independent investigation, agenda 21, depopulation, chemtrails, G Edward Griffin's Money and Cryptos conference.

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34 Comments on Conspiracy Theories – Crypto, Central Banks, Chemtrails and California Fires with G. Edward Griffin

  1. you gotta watch this fellow G Edward Griffen, he did basically steal Eustace Mullins work and made himself very well known with it and that makes me wonder how real his intentions are

  2. Looking really good Jeff! Wish I could go for a walk with you up your neighborhood with your dogs again. It’s been a long time and I’ve always loved those walks. You could make it a reality. Get all those dogs together and take a walk up the hills of your neighborhood and tell us what you’re really thinking about please. It’s been a long time. I think the dogs would absolutely love it! ❤️

    • I wished it were true but I have found no proof of a wet spinning ball in a vacuum yet … been looking since finding math powerland in 2013…. still nothing.

    • +Denton Woods – The earth is not a ‘wet’ spinning ball. It is a huge sphere made of molten rock and metal covered in a tiny amount of water on its skin – you really must try and put things into perspective. The water that covers the earth is the same as the film of water that covers a football when it is wet. Ultimately though it is just a bunch of atoms in other words doesn’t actually really exist as a ‘solid entity’ at all – nothing does – its all just a bunch of atoms which are hollow there is nothing there.

  3. Fires were intense because of gum trees. They spray oils into the air which are designed to burn as that’s how gum trees sprout their seeds. They destroy competition by burning their competition. Gum trees are designed for fire unlike other trees. It’s only going to get worse for California as there will be more gum trees next year. Lol. Bye bye liberals

    • +Edmund F. Kuell III, Spiritual Nutrition Master it is a serious stretch to say that atmospheric heaters are necessary to create that fire. In Australia we have many many fires of simmilar intensity. We just don’t have the population density that California has so out damages are far lower. You can feel the eucalyptus oil dropping from the trees like rain on a hot day. Eucalypts literally stimulate ferocious fires by spraying the air with a petrol like substance! Highly flammable. The real story is in how the Californian govt wastes money on migrants Instead of pre burning the leaf matter when conditions are ideal.

    • Not to discredit your theory but that doesn’t sound like an existence in harmony with the nature surrounding it, and thus should have gone extinct long ago so these trees are either being artificially strengthened and cultivated to cause this to happen on a regular basis or it is something else. Either way there is something more to it, as usual.

      It’s difficult to live by the mantra “The simplest answer is usually the correct one.” when more and more we learn that is not the case, also when technology like (a single example) patent US4686605A *DOES* exist but has been off the radar for decades (probably bought, privatised and hyper developed then extended to the highest bidders with no moral compass, whatsoever) it more likely is the theory that one way or another this is orchestrated (either using the potential of the gum trees or some outside technology, it’s irrelevant) to force people out of those areas for multiple reasons (money, power, control).


  4. Edward Griffin needs to stick to what he knows best and stop discrediting his true works with hyperbole. I really respect the man for what he’s done but people who refer to the elites as “they” constantly end up looking like lunatics. Call out the elites for what “they” are. GLOBALISTS

  5. Jeff you should have on Professor Valentina Zharkova. She is predicting a new ice age. She would be a great guest. She smashes the global warming alarmists to pieces and tells of a shockingly cold future 9 degrees colder on average for 300 years!

  6. Actually there is an airline pilot who talks about chemtrails and geoengineering on Youtube. his name is Willem Felderhof.

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