Conquering Depression and Addictions with Brett Veinotte of School Sucks Podcast

Anarchast Ep.387

Jeff interviews returning guest Brett Veinotte of the School Sucks Podcast. Topics include: Brett's School Sucks Across America tour, giving up drinking, self transformation, a culture of addiction vs personal freedom, freedom starts with the self, overwhelming media saturation and powerlessness, the power of positivity, self esteem, taking action and creating freedom, routine and self discipline, overcoming shame, exercise and lifestyle balance, healing and gratitude, meditation, Brett to speak at Anarchapulco 2018, a wellness retreat before Anarchapulco 2018

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30 Comments on Conquering Depression and Addictions with Brett Veinotte of School Sucks Podcast

  1. wow, im first again twice in a roll… it must b my lucky evening… lol good interviews Jeff, i like that Decent ICO too!

  2. Hey Jeff when you made those quitting addiction videos months ago I joined you. Been on and off but now I have cut all addictions for good. Takes time to adjust but I am doing some detoxing. Pretty rough but I don’t have any desire to go back. I even quit coffee lol. My energy has been super low because of this but I know it will go up with time.

    • Negativity is tough to combat during the transition phase of getting away from addiction. Eating health foods is imperative I think. Dr. Morse herbs have been helping me a lot, especially GI Broom.

    • i did the same thing and youre right it does get better with time, eventually you will have more energy than you ever have. the better you can make your diet the faster that will work for you. best of luck sir

    • Make sure you work on your adrenals and endocrine system get some herbal formulas from dr morse they do help quite alot along with detox and raw diet, also there are so many herbs in the plant kingdom to explore and that have mood boosting effects. A good formula from dr morse is gland tonic one of my favs can really feel it almost feel like im high, also collodial gold is nice

  3. We all have a unique vibrational energy which is unique as our fingerprint. If you are depressed and sad your vibrational energy will be lower and like attracts like so you will attract others with a low vibrational energy, those who are depressed and sad. Many women complain they get the same type of men all the time but they need to change their vibrational energy if they want different men. Raising your vibrational energy will raise everything. Having a strong mind is important because this is where the change starts.

    • So, a rising vibrational energy is good always? What is vibrational energy? It’s not in the dictionary.

    • Study Tesla, he could see the energy field around people. Some call it aura. It’s like the electro-magnetic energy on earth, how the compass points north. There are energy waves around each person, unique to each one.

  4. 50:00 Brett says: “I know the moment will come that I cannot do the things like before anymore”. Not according to some people using C-60, which Clif high did a few interviews on. This is said to stop telomeres from shortening. Rats lived at lest 200% longer in tests 🙂

  5. wow , this video is very timely .. I’m going through depression and alcoholism right now.. Gratitude brothers. I feel sometimes that the awakening of humanity is too slow. but I will press forward. Thank You for this.

  6. Brett, check out _Bob Proctor How to Think Right and Make Money._ He mentions school in this presentation briefly. Cheers.

  7. jeff you mention your background behind you but we can see the divider behind your head? are they TV screens? looks like your just in a garage of some sort?

  8. As a counselor I used to present an approach called Moderation Management which teaches moderation. It was an approach used for people who did not want to quit. For those who did want to quit I used an approach called Rational Recovery which gives one tools to quit without needing a co dependant group.

    • That’s great info Mona! “Moderation Management” really rings a bell, I’ll have to look more into it! It seems to boil down to finding our own reasons for doing what we do. Salud!

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