Collective Evolution – Lifting the Veil and Raising Consciousness with Joe Martino

Anarchast Ep.402

Jeff interviews Joe Martino of Collective Evolution, topics include: going beyond the need for governance, self responsibility, creating change by shifting consciousness, Collective Evolution, massive growth in freedom movement, propaganda, alternative media, online censorship and demonetization, rebels inside the system,a shift in power, awakening can be traumatic, fear of change, cosmological influences, conscious media, the most incredible time in human history, massive change occurring right now

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19 Comments on Collective Evolution – Lifting the Veil and Raising Consciousness with Joe Martino

  1. another awesome Episode! keep them coming Jeff! Heres to 2018 to the masses exponential eye opening!!!!

  2. Collapse of the $ will continue to increase until it is replaced by a govt. crypto money, maybe called “fedcoin”. This will be accepted by most because they trust govt. somewhat, and will just go along. Meanwhile, there will be a transition period where the old $ circulates with fedcoin. 

    The bottom line: Nothing is as bad as some imagine or as good as others believe.
    No one can predict the megatrend timeline.

  3. Snowden is controlled opposition. getting people to self police. He didn’t tell the public anything they didn’t already know.

  4. From the UK. Great interview Jeff as always. I think this thought process has been around for years. The hippies had it almost right and the punk movement certainly had it right at the beginning. The group CRASS most defo had it nailed. The internet has just made the world smaller, which is a spectacular thing. I never trusted governments or any authority at the age of ten. I knew we were being fobbed off. I really hope the world wakes up to all this. But I’ll hold my breath. I see and talk to the sheep all the time. Most don’t get it. And really don’t want to know. They really don’t.

  5. Jeff, a minimalist? Haha. Me too, on Sundays, when my personal chef has off.
    Love ya bro..all with luv.

  6. Jeff. The depression is of GRIEF for generations lost. But nevertheless, it passes just as the stages of grief do

  7. Jeff can you interview Bix Weir from the youtube channel called “roadtoroota” he talks about the good guys are beating the bad guys and how their will be mass arrests in the government. Kilary Klinton and several others are already getting contacted for treason. And Bix also talks about how there’s some good guys in the Federal Reserve and they will help release hidden gold from a canyon or something and other commodities to bring more abundance financially to people, Its a pretty good conspiracy he discovered from decoding the Federal Reserves kid comic book they sent out after 2008.

  8. 15 mins is nothing.

    Look at how long Joe Rogan or Dave Rubins videos are.

    Or Jordan Petersons videos, he’s got teenagers watching 20 hours on archetypes.

    The ADHD phenomenon (seperate from people that actually have ADHD) was a cultural fad and we’re already seeing the backlash, where people hunger for content of dense quality and insight.

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