Coffee Enemas, Fasting, Detox and Natural Health with Spencer Feldman

Anarchast Ep.420

Jeff Berwick interviews Spencer Feldman of Remedy Link, topics include: emotional and spiritual health starts with physical health, health impacts from the invention of agriculture, the importance of bitter plants in the diet, bitters as a supplement, modern stealth toxins, sweet toxins, origins of chronic disease, biofilms, phase 1 and 2 detox stages, coffee enemas, suppositories, fasting, parasites and neurochemical host control, dark retreats, flotation tanks, self discipline, the medical profession, vaccines, medical censorship, health and wellness at Anarchapulco 2019

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31 Comments on Coffee Enemas, Fasting, Detox and Natural Health with Spencer Feldman

  1. Don’t smoke cigarettes, and eat fruits and veg. Nuts beans… you won’t have to stick things in your butt! Butt you already know this.

  2. “if we go back 14000 years… bla bla bla”… says your guest… truth is that earth is flat and most of history is fake… so there are basically no way to know if anything we are told about our history is true…

  3. the challenge that enemas aren’t needed–that drinking 2 to 3x as much water flushes out the system better

    • That enemas are working at the end of the chain-ie. Cleaning out rectum. The challan that it cud r better by cleaning from the root–water intake

    • The issue is that toxins typically aren’t water soluble so drinking more water won’t get them out. They need to be made water soluble first. This is part of what rectal coffee does. P450 enzymes and phase 2 detox makes toxins water soluble so drinking water can then wash them away. Otherwise it’s like dunking a greasy dish in water. The grease stays on the dish. It’s only when you add soap and make the grease water soluble that the grease washes away.

    • project10bball I do both and I can tell you that I’ve always been a proper water drinking and it didn’t change and improve my life like the addition of coffee enemas.

    • project10bball – Coffee enemas do a number of other things, too, though, like stimulate functions of , I think, the liver, or kidneys, I forget, also help alkalize, and much more, as well as that cleansing and removal, more directly.

  4. Jeff, have Janne from He’s Doctor Morse’s apprentice

  5. coffee enemas use light coffee for more info see Dr. Robert Cassar and Josh Macin Detox Dudes

  6. Hm, this was Anarchast episode #420 … Wasted opportunity to talk about marijuana :^)

    Kidding, this was quite possibly the most interesting episode I’ve seen

  7. The Dr. Wilson Healing protocol is awesome, too, and there is more and more related info. and protocols finally being released, more openly…Coffee enemas, too…First heard of them from the Gerson protocol, then Dr. Wilson again, and now this…but they must be done correctly, and there’s much more to it, just don’t start blindly doing them, and nutrients must be replaced, too, among other things…, and this guy is good, in explaining some of that! I need to do massive natural healing, etc….desperately…I do not want to become a total slave to the allopathic system, though it does have some value…but what’s sad about our culture is, there is almost no support for the natural route, especially financially, and we can easily be slaves to the allopathic, and insurance help method….Profit, Greed, Control, Culling of population, withholding of advanced technologies, too…etc., etc., etc. We are being poisoned and weakened, so, very hard to do self healing, too, we need to support and empower each other, and bring down things, such as Codex Alimentarius….of course, there is much more to all of this, and feel so weak, that I must fight to overcome this, regain help, and be able to create value for others again…We can take our lives back, and win…Money fiction must stop being an obstacle to this parasitical malevolent nwo agenda. Thanks for this great content…I shared it! I almost gave up, but will not. Health is our true fortune! We can’t forget Gary Null, and some of the highly advanced healing systems that are starting to be revealed, or even, begin to manifest! Neuropathy, tumors, toxicity, etc., is becoming more prevalent than ever…No accidents…Much is, All, By Design…most are aware of this, or they wouldn’t be here. Much love and empowerment and Total Victory to all.

  8. Awesome…How wonderful…Thank You! And as I have been learning, the HARD way, something my grandmother told me, many, many years ago, ” If we don’t have our health, we have nothing!” Deeply grateful, dear Jeff and guests!

  9. Jeff I just realised that you have really changed my life …….I was on track having got debt free and eliminating my footprint in UK and navigating the system by moving to Eastern Europe…….but you pushed me past the post last July into cryptos, and am now into intermittent fasting …..I have realised that there are links between truth seeking, cryptos, health, navigating around Governments.Long live the blockchain.

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