Can Anarchism Save The Planet with Sterlin Lujan and Daniel Pinchbeck

Anarchast Ep.449

Jeff Berwick discusses saving the planet with Sterlin Lujan and Daniel Pinchbeck. Topics include: climate change vs global warming, run away feedback, the troubling political situation, the psychedelic experience and political awakening, buying the Amazon to protect it, can business be just as evil as government, is Libertarianism itself a conspiracy? ideology vs core principles, solutions to avoid ecological Armageddon, what is a corporation? fascism, solutions based in freedom, is government inevitable? privatization of the Amazon, money and the state

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21 Comments on Can Anarchism Save The Planet with Sterlin Lujan and Daniel Pinchbeck

  1. John Birch Society rocks, This guy is fool – anyone who starts out talking on Co2 as a serious issue cannot be taken seriously by anyone who has studied the climate alarmist crap. None of his views seem to be anarchist, he seems like another Commie pretending to be an anarchist.

    • Certain people within the John Birch Society rock but the society was funded by the Rockefellers, Michael Collins Piper presented a lot of research on this

    • Exactly my thought how can he trust bought and payed for by the state carbon tax collecting fraudulent scientists. I had to tune out at this point.

  2. Small family mining operations in the US have been completely stopped by the collusion of big mining companies and government – they got together and “regulated” the small miner out of the equation. (I’ve had many small mining operations that IMPROVED the environment when I was done)
    Government is always the source of corruption! Freedom can only exist in the individual…

  3. global warning is bad science, they cherry picked their data. global solar minimum, cooling is happening. bad gmo & poisoning the food chain is happening.

  4. Geoengineering is the Biggest threat to our Planet. If you just look at the trees.
    It’s Crazzy how people don’t understand that it is almost game over we have barely 10 years to go.

  5. This moron is a total schmuck. No so-called Anarchist I would ever want to be around. Listen to him quote all the government scientist around the world.

  6. Daniel needs to let people talk . He loses credibility every time he interrupts. Jeff and Sterlin handled the discussion very well. Anyways great video.

  7. all cherry-picked data – global temperatures have leveled off and may be slightly decreasing – CO2 is accepted by trees and plant life – if he’s worrying about rain forests, perhaps we should be looking at CO2 as a good thing

  8. Sterlin brought up Anarchist Ireland during Medieval times. My research says he’s right. It lasted for 2000 years without cops and without prisons. It would be really cool if you could get some experts on successful anarchys in the past like that. Medieval Iceland was another. People need to learn that anarchist societies are NOT a new thing. It needs to be talked up more!

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