Blueprints of Mind Control – How The Whole World Has Been Brainwashed By The Elites with James True

Anarchast Ep.462

Topics include: government mind control, bioregionalism, a solid gold yoke of blind empathy, pyramid taxation vs regional autonomy, compassion, local currencies, prejudice and supremacy, the nature of real community, polarization, tv programming and reinforcing authority, science and mind control, alchemy and the placebo effect, ancient civilizations, ritual and belief, trauma programming, symbolism of the twin towers, replacing sacred archetypes with trivialities, evil and Satan, getting in touch with your own sacred nature.

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21 Comments on Blueprints of Mind Control – How The Whole World Has Been Brainwashed By The Elites with James True

  1. Stat·ism /ˈstādˌizəm/ noun: A political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs

  2. Psychologists are the low level drones for the psychopaths. Dispense drugs and own your thoughts. Marxists taking over. Watch the Alex on Life Video. Awareness video.

  3. Yup. Society is Loyal to Comfort & Trance instead of Loyal to Freedom & Truth. So true. So Sad.

  4. Great interview and guest! Thank you for this show! I am going to purchase his book today.

  5. Incredible insight & fascinating interview. I cannot wait to read this book!!

  6. Great interview with an incredibly articulate man. So glad I watched the whole thing. Love how people are realizing there are so many of us ready to learn from each other.

  7. Religion divides people.ive been researching high control organized religions..i did have a reason…its opened my eyes.some I’ve studied would be regarded as cults.thats were it all gets problematic..a cult member has to wake up..brainwashing is everywhere.✌

  8. OMG this guy is BRILLIANT!!!! Thank you for this interview Jeff! Please continue another time……I want to hear more from him…

  9. i haven’t watched TV since early 2000s. i feel much happier and can see the world as it truly is. i have achieved inner-peace. i feel different. American Society is repulsive to me.

  10. Awesome interview Jeff! Thank you for broadcasting your questions and James’ answers to the world.

  11. Brilliant – James True understands the way the material world works. Thank you Jeff!

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