Bitcoin, Blockchain Solutions & Questions on Anarchy with Patrick Byrne of

Anarchast Ep.381

Jeff interviews founder and CEO of, Patrick Byrne. Topics include: self ownership and voluntaryism, starting, the dotcom bubble and crash, Bitcoin and liberty, occupy Wall Street, the theory of regulatory capture, crony capitalism, Bitcoin and gold, the blockchain and it's disruptions, making the current system obsolete, minarchism vs libertarianism, the welfare state, robbing the future for today, the immorality of government.

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  1. “It is amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think that we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it.”
    ― Thomas Sowell,

  2. Too bad Wavecrest in London is running or should I say ruining the crypto community. They only support the EU now. Now how does a US citizen get a crypto pre-paid ATM card? Wavecrest is behind all.

    Yes they can and are stopping cryptos.

  3. Patrick seems to be a Constitutionalist. Still hasn’t overcome the programming. Needs to watch more of your shows and maybe some Larken Rose.

  4. “Money to me is a medium through which we communicate information about two things: values and scarcity. That’s what prices are, they are packets of information about values and scarcity. As we live with fiat money, it means we’re communicating to each other through a field, through a medium, that is own by the state and subject to distortion by the state to serve its own interests or serve the interests of the wealthy”

  5. interesting discussion.. I’m a bit of a socialist myself and would point at health care as to one example of something that doesn’t work out fair if you just let the market decide.. but who knows where we are going. Governments and banks do so much bad to the world, and we have such amazing technology we should all be having an awesome time really.

    Maybe the future will see blockchain projects that help the people at the bottom and generally distribute wealth more fairly without the need for governments.

  6. Mr. Bryne makes the good point of how government in it’s original conception, is a form of self-organization. I think Jeff understands this as well, but it’s key to make a distinction between government and the State in my opinion, for this reason.

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