Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Forks, Wars and The Future of Money with Roger Ver

Anarchast Ep.452

Topics include: Roger unable to attend Anarchapulco this year, Bitcoin Cash and the recent forks, Bitcoin SV vs Bitcoin Cash, conflict with Craig Wright another internet conspiracy, Bitcoin cash is fast cheap and reliable, Bitcoin Cash candy machines and monkey feeders, feeding Bitcoin cash to chickens, Bitcoin used to be faster, Badger Wallet, market dynamics, dark net use and privacy, new Bitcoin Cash use cases coming, don't miss Anarchapulco 2019!

Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico
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44 Comments on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Forks, Wars and The Future of Money with Roger Ver

  1. bch transactions are not peer to peer. how many times will i have to post this? Bitcoin transactions are already fungible via Wasabi wallet and coinjoin not to mention all transactions via the Lightning Network that settle in one second.

    • If standard on chain btc transactions are not peer to peer then you are saying is only lightning network transactions are. That is the only arguement you have? BTC according to that logic hasn’t been “truly” peer to peer till only recently. Thank you for bringing this specific definition of peer to peer to my attention. I don’t see how all btc transactions will be on the lightning network. Don’t we need a computer running a full node in order to use lightning? Most people still cannot afford computers and rely on phones.

    • bch adoption is laughable. it is a toy being discussed by child minded people. i wish you the best of luck with your toys but i’m over where the big boys play with real tools. and i am not emotionally invested in any of it, other than what i hope we all have in common which would be the destruction of the central banking cartel.

    • +Crypto Cleanse There is no chain of custody for your private keys. When opening a Lightning channel with another party, you’re voluntarily co-signing a multi-sig smart contract. You retain full control over your own private keys, on your own hardware, at all times.

    • +kiloboba Yes indeed. Actually, if you look back to find some examples of the software running back in the beginning, you’ll see that both parties were required to be online at the same time to make transactions. There was also a button you could click to mine with your CPU! So Bitcoin hasn’t been running in accordance with the Bitcoin whitepaper until recently with LN capability. bch never has been in accordance with the Bitcoin whitepaper, it falls at the first hurdle, the very title of the whitepaper. People are correct when they say that bch is not Bitcoin.

      All Bitcoin transactions do not need to be made via Lightning, there are various pros and cons for on-chain and LN transactions obviously. And if you are interested, you can use Eclair wallet for sending Lightning transactions only or Bitcoin Lightning Wallet (BLW) for sending and receiving. I have used both and currently prefer BLW. No need to run your own node although you can easily do that with a small, low powered computer like a Raspberry Pi. Thanks to the limited blocksize on the Bitcoin blockchain, it should only take a couple of days to full sync with the Bitcoin network. Try that out and then you will see, firsthand, why a limited blocksize is crucial to network decentralization.

    • +Tronz Flowwi You cannot just say something and have it be true, If you think that I am wrong, you should be able to explain exactly why. Bitcoin & Litecoin transactions made via the Lightning Network are peer-to-peer. Standard, on-chain Bitcoin, bch & Litecoin transactions are not p2p, that is a broadcast network. So explain how I’m wrong..

    • Sneaking Weasel, LN payments require routing. That means other people are routing the payments. If other people are routing the payments, then it is not peer to peer. A broadcast network is clearly peer to peer.

    • +Roger Ver, CEO of Absolutely correct, they require routing. This is how peer to peer connections work. When you open a webpage, there is no direct, single connection between your PC and their architecture. Your connection is automatically routed through the internet, via several servers, in various geographical locations that all need to be online at the time as your connection attempt. If one server goes down as your viewing the various sections of their website, your connection will automatically be re-routed through the internet to restore your service and you may experience a slight delay. Even if you ssh into a Raspberry Pi that is right in front of you in your own home, your connection still takes one hop through your router. Even then it is not a direct connection.

      When you open a Lightning channel, you require specific 3 pieces of information about with whom you are connecting. You require their node ID, IP address and a specific port. It doesn’t get more peer-to-peer than that. A good example is p2p filesharing. Whilst downloading a torrent from various sources, your client will let you view the IP address of the individual(s) with which you are currently connected and some other info. Both you and the other party need to be online at the same time. However, your connection is still routed automatically through many servers across the planet as explained above.

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  3. Hey, how come Anarchast is no longer available on the Podcast app? No episodes have been uploaded since November last year!

  4. The first coin that can stand against BTC’s volatility ie goes up or stays the same when BTC goes up or down, will be the one coin. So far, everyone bows to BTC.

    Where I agree with Roger on the need for government free cash, I haven’t seen it yet, at least not one that stands alone.

  5. The idea of wanting anarchy is not what you think it is, do we want lands to be completely lawless where people steal, kill and destroy and there is not law in place to deter such actions, anarchy is like loosing hell on earth, looks worse than ww2 and deeds even more horrific than that. Plus you probably would be killed even having a BTC wallet if full blown anarchy occurs on earth, respect authority be thankful we have them be blessed in this world where its not like the middle ages where vikings can come and destroy your home and kill your family. Please end this madness of wanting anarchy.

    • Jay Man You’ve described Chaos not anarchy. I don’t want to live without rules, but without RULERS. People will make they’re own rules and violations will have consequences.

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  7. I opened an account with about 15 years ago. I told them I would fully fund it as soon as they had signed up enough merchants selling in gold to give me a practical marketplace. They said they were “working on it”. I waited for years and no progress. Now I am waiting for a Bitcoin cash Amazon like marketplace, e.g., everything is priced in it or gold or both.

    • are you open to a temporary alternative like Bitpay? It’s not ideal to support visa or pay Bitpay’s not so bad fees, but it’s an alternative to transition into paying with crypto for now, i really like my bitpay card for the most part, i dont work for them or anything i just found your comment interesting. hodl hard bro 🙂

  8. Berwick, BCash is crap. Why don’t you acknowledge Charlee Lee’s hard work and have him on your show instead of this shyster?

  9. Digital currencies are the natural progression of the religion of money. If you enjoy how the banks enslave you now, just give them FULL control with their ability to manage ALL transactions…

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