Become Free, Healthy and Make Money Growing Food In Your Own Yard – Curtis Stone of Urban Farmer

Anarchast Ep.426

Jeff Berwick interviews Curtis Stone of The Urban Farmer. Topics include: food sovereignty, over regulation and big government, urban farming, small land requirement, the fragility of the existing system, $100,000 off a quarter acre, how to get started, social equity, micro-greens, better to ask forgiveness than ask permission, just do it, selling your produce, the abundance mentality and self ownership, food independence nurtures freedom, Curtis Stone to run a workshop at Anarchapulco 2019

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23 Comments on Become Free, Healthy and Make Money Growing Food In Your Own Yard – Curtis Stone of Urban Farmer

  1. Lol Jeff, when he mentioned your background in music, your reaction was adorable.

  2. The person who says I can and the person who says I can’t are both correct. So say you can always.

  3. 26:00 or i blame all my suffering the entire race known as white people or all my suffering on all men

  4. I’ve always been an anarchist, sorry if you do not resonate with me personally but I hope u still love the idea Anarkeden. I am confident this is how we can spark an uprising in the mainstream. Much love.

  5. Love this concept. It has given me many ideas as I already have a fully functioning garden. Love to you both xx

  6. What a nice video. I love the direction the channel is taking.
    I appreciate your efforts to show anarchy in it’s true nature.
    I am heading to Mexico soon. I would love to meet my fellow Anarchist soul travelers. I appreciate any information in aiding my travels.
    Peace Love and Anarchy my fellow beautiful humans.

  7. 15:17 I think you nailed it right there!  Just do it, stop complaining, make a plan, take action.  This is great to hear of your success in urban farming, more power to ya!  We can’t find anyone willing to give up their comforts and learn the hard way, as we have, they want comforts and a master/slave relationship, which we aren’t aligned with, this is where the culture is at, not just in U.S, although here it’s especially distasteful, imo.

  8. Curtis you gotta talk with John Kohler again and get some more anarchist blood in him 🙂

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