Are You Ready For Anarchapulco 2019 – with Dayna Martin

Anarchast Ep.430

Jeff Berwick interviews Dayna Martin, community producer for Anarchapulco 2019. Topics include, the recent meeting of Anarchapulco organizers in Acapulco Mexico, the entire hotel is brought out for 2019, so much more happening for 2019, big focus on community and creativity, showing what Anarchy is really like , Ron Paul back for 2019, Judge Napolitano, David Icke, Doug Casey, a lot of new speakers to be announced soon, so much more than just a 'conference', more art, more music, much more organization, Cryptopulco to be integrated throughout the festival, one ticket covers everything in 2019

Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico
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27 Comments on Are You Ready For Anarchapulco 2019 – with Dayna Martin

  1. Your previous interview with Christoff made real tangible sense of what David Icke has said for years, but without too much clarity, Christoff was amazing!

  2. Putting a cap on attendance is a great idea. It really allows for much better planning. It’s hard to say how many people are going to be interested in going, even if it gets sold out. The local area will soon start to plan their business operations around this event as it gets bigger each year. If you’ve ever been to Bike Week in Daytona, FL, which has been going on for years, the entire city prepares for the event… Anarchapulco could get to that level of attendance. Should be very interesting. Congrats on the success.

  3. i plan on being there, but David Icke? lmao… come on man that lowers the credibility of the event.

  4. all female crew? nice tattoos btw lol…good god jeff, not #youtoo…
    as long as most speakers are men, whatever…

  5. humble opinion… if a speakers positions lack FACTUAL evidence, and cant withstand investigation via the Socratic Method, maybe they shouldnt be a speaker.

    i KNOW theres a lot of money in dummies, but come on, lets have some standards.
    oh ya, and WU TANG!

  6. Jeff B. You may want to tap into the MGTOW ANTI Statist crowd. Jeff B. Just to give you an idea. 90,000 Videos and growing on MGTOW. Anti Statists and MGTOW hold alot of similar views.

  7. For health you should invite Dr. Robert Morse – even if he can only come via Skype, his contribution would be 100x again anyone else you could possibly get. He has been able to demystify how the human species can reverse their “diseases” and regenerate their bodies simply by eating a species appropriate diet and sometimes taking whole herbs as grown in Nature. He teaches that our digestive tracts are nearly identical to primates who are frugivores and eat mostly raw fruit and
    raw vegetables. Dr. Morse has witnessed hundreds of thousands of humans reverse their “incurable diseases” by doing just that. With two doctoral degrees in both Science and Naturopathy, he can run circles around all the other “experts”.

  8. I love this YouTube page love you guys and girls I’m saving and moving to Mexico I lived in merida Yucatan and fell in love with Mexico in so many ways !!!! Thank you for what your all doing and I’m a anarchist to the core !!!!!! 4 ever

  9. I appreciate the FACT that Jeff knows that we do not Live on a Spinning Ball Earth……………………………..He talked about it in his Dog Walk Videos. Lucy SITz

  10. Perfect timing for her to be a guest on the show.. Just disenrolled my daughter from school and now ready to let life feed her passions, greatly motivated by Dayna !
    Btw found your channel about a month or 2 ago, and since then I’ve watched just about every video and I’m like I need more!! Waiting an entire week for a new episode lol
    But anyways you’ve motivated me to unlock so much potential within myself and look at life with different perspectives. Thank you! Hope to attend Anarchacapulco (hope I spelled that right lol) soon❤️

  11. I’d love to see Allegedly Dave as a guest! Check out his work, I think he’d be great on an episode

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