AnarchyLifting – The Importance of Physical Fitness to Well Being with Greg Papanicolas

Anarchast Ep.454

Topics include: achieving physical fitness, strength training, internet gives access to shared knowledge and experience, women and strength training, importance of exercise, endorphins, turning your life around, nutrition protocols, repetitive behaviors, working remotely, online training, supplements, micro nutrients, vegan bodybuilding, losing weight, intermittent fasting, AnarchyLifting, Anarchapulco 2020

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16 Comments on AnarchyLifting – The Importance of Physical Fitness to Well Being with Greg Papanicolas

  1. Just a few pointers
    1. Getting out and exercising. I completely agree with that. I think it’s very important for people to get outside and move and get healthy!
    2. “Indoctrination Camps” I am guessing you are referring to school. As a student currently enrolled in school most teachers are actually VERY opposed to the government.
    3. We actually need to have at least 2 full years of gym to be accepted into college and we actually do learn about health and nutrition. We actually have it MUCH better in school than previous generations. For example now after school we come home with downtime. Back in the 20’s kids would come game and go work as child labor.
    Overall I think your points about health are right but you points about school are VERY wrong. I would do some more research on topics like school

  2. I want to know what Dwayne Johnson’s Doctor is giving him !!! I believe certain medications if used properly can help esp. the older folks increase muscle size and strength, as diet and excercise can only do so much ! We need to get this information out to the public and out of the dark shadows like marijuana was for many years

    • you dont need to eat three meals a day you are already misinforming people with bullshit sheep information Intermittent fasting is what people need to do each day. 1 time a day you eat all your food in an 8 hour window. Not three meals. You 100% DO not need breakfast or lunch. I have been doing this for many many years. I am in better health then 99% of the people i come across in my life. I Have not been sick for over 10 years not even a cold.

  3. You can’t get parasites from junk food but you can get it from raw meat or uncooked things

  4. Spreading the message door to door anarchy here in Southern California/Riverside CA! End the IRS! End the Federal Reserve! Peace, Love, and Anarchy 🙂

  5. This whole video was priceless. After a decade of watching Jeff smoke cigarettes on every video, he suddenly decides to get ripped. Should we also blame it on the Ayahuasca trip?

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