Anarchast With Edward Stringham: Police Violence Versus Private Governance

Anarchast Ep.305

Jeff interviews economist and author of Private Governance, Edward Stringham, topics include: police officers actually get killed less than the average person, 1 out of 12 people killed is at the hands of the police, multiple times the rates in other comparable countries, legal system stacked in favour of the police, serving and protecting government interests, the value of asset forfeiture now exceeds that of private burglaries, militarization of the police, private security solutions, Cell 411, Threat Management, police have no obligation to protect the public, taxpayers pay the damages, huge police pensions, lack of accountability.

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The Article 'Is America Facing A Police Crisis':

Norm Stampers book 'Breaking Rank':

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15 Comments on Anarchast With Edward Stringham: Police Violence Versus Private Governance

  1. This guy is on point. There is a standing army among us radicalized by
    statist propaganda. They call us crazy!

    Anarchists/voluntaryists are not the ones threatening violence and using
    violence to scare and coerce people into going along with an agenda, that’s
    what the government is doing.

  2. In America, the only place that the deck is stacked against you more than a
    Casino, is a Court Room …

    – The Police Officer who writes you a ticket or arrest you – works for the

    – The Attorney that you hire – is Licensed by the STATE

    – If you can not afford an Attorney, the one that is Appointed to you –
    works for the STATE

    – The Prosecutor who wants to put you in jail/prison – works for the STATE

    – The Judge who oversees the Court proceedings – works for the STATE

    – The jail/prison that you go to – all employees there – work for the STATE

    – The Probation/Parole officer that you get assigned to – works for the

    – All fines and fees that are assessed to you by the Court – goes to the

  3. I like how the interviewee made sure to emphasize that he pays taxes. He
    isn’t dumb enough to say he doesn’t, being that he lives within the US.

  4. The thing is !!!!! Everything has been turned into a corporation, & a the
    only raison d’être for any Corp is to make $$$$$$$$$$ ….. Not justice

  5. This is soooooooooooooooooo totally awesome
    …………………………..thank youoooooooooooooooo

  6. The cops in the U.S. stole 4.5 billion from their amerikan subjects in 2015
    using “civil asset forfeiture!” Now thats protecting and serving in the
    land of the free home of the brave:)

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