Anarchast Episode 32 with Bob Murphy

During PorcFest 2012 Jeff talks to the prominent economist Bob Murphy about economics in today's world. First Bob gives the story of his progression into an anarchism and his discovery of Austrian economics. They then talk about the difference between Austrian and mainstream economics. Jeff asks "if you were a young student today would you go to a mainstream college today?" Listen to the interview to hear Bob's response.

15 Comments on Anarchast Episode 32 with Bob Murphy

  1. I wish the Mises guys would do more lectures. I have a sneaking suspicion that the goddamn presidential race is hogging libertarian donations.

  2. Mandrik’s baklava is wonderful, his cooking is one of the reasons I was sad to not get there this year.

  3. I’ve always found the definition of ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ in America very interesting, because it’s almost the complete opposite of what they mean philosophically.
    Here in the UK conservative still means to conserve and make slow political changes, e.g. protecting instiutions, and they have a history of protectionist policies (altho modern conservatives here are now pro-free trade apparently)
    Liberal still means to endorse liberalism, i.e. free-markets, civil-rights, etc.

  4. I think a name change would improve things. Words are powerful. As an Austrian Economist, I hear Austrian, and hear he nationality, you need a better, more powerful name. Try taking Free Market out of the hands of corporate criminals By the name Free Marketers. It say’s it all and sets up the questioning what Republicans saying they believe in FM at every turn..
    Just my 2cents.

  5. If the world “liberal” in the uk roughly translates to the term “classical liberal” here in the us, while conservatism is roughly the same there as it is here, what do you call the thing that we call liberalism? socialism?

  6. great interview with a fantasitic straight forward example of “what is austrian economics”

  7. Yes but we use it against them. Own the word, like wogs own wog, and others do too. Anything to upset the apple cart, without resorting to window smashing:).

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