Anarchast Ep. 238 Lauren Southern: Fighting Feminism!

Jeff interviews anti-feminist activist Lauren Southern, topics include: the fallacies of gender equality, reverse sexism, feminism is a gender bias term, feminist tropes based on false and exaggerated statistics, rape culture is an exaggeration that makes women appear more as victims than they really are, victim status is an easier way to gain power than by merit, gender studies philosophers continually redefine words like rape and consent, consent forms for sex, air conditioning as sexism, the power of being offended, you cant be sexist if you are a woman, Lauren's removal and reinstatement as a representative of the Libertarian Party of Canada, the media is afraid to give airtime to the Libertarian Party as they would bring up 'unsafe' topics that would greatly challenge the other silencing and firing people by protest and petition is authoritarian socialism, you can be kicked out of your job or political party for questioning feminism, where will the ever increasing authoritarian socialism lead society?

Lauren Southern Clashes With Feminists at Slutwalk:

'You May Be a Cultural Libertarian if…' video:

Twitter: @Lauren_Southern

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23 Comments on Anarchast Ep. 238 Lauren Southern: Fighting Feminism!

    • hogensan
      All these other woman have horrible grammar. Lauren Southern can at least pronounce woman, unlike those other woman.

  1. Again, we are watching the beginning of a Media Superstar. She may be the next Ann Coulter or Laura Ingram…or bigger. She rocks.

  2. I’m the Libertarian candidate in South Surrey-White Rock and thankfully I have been contacted by the media and invited to debates. I was the first candidate in Greater Vancouver to hand in my 100+ signatures and be confirmed by Elections Canada, so that might have something to do with it. Good luck to all candidates with the signature collecting and I hope all of you achieve your goal by the deadline of September 28th.

  3. She can use a five syllable word with confidence? She can stay! A fine interview with a bright woman, my compliments, Jeff.

  4. Great episdode!!! I’ve been looking forward to hearing Lauren speak at length for a while now. Thanks for giving her a platform Jeff.

  5. Why do I find it really funny when Jeff so blatantly lights a cigarette on camera? It’s like he’s trolling anti-smokers on purpose 😛

  6. wow, im thrilled that lauren is going anarchist, i just hope that she fully understands the philosophy.

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