Anarchast Ep. 223 Mark Jeftovic: Decentralizing The Internet and DNS!

Jeff interviews CEO of EasyDNS Mark Jeftovic, topics include: avoiding your site being shutdown by the government, Mark running for the Libertarian Party of Canada, the greatly overlooked importance of DNS hosting, domain policy, UN attempts at control over the internet, ICANN, NTIIA, the complexity of jurisdiction issues, Verisign, moving your registrar, offshore servers, mail forwarding, pgp encryption, Hushmail, mass government survielance, .io top level domain, the possibility of decentralized DNS on a blockchain, Namecoin, and much more…

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14 Comments on Anarchast Ep. 223 Mark Jeftovic: Decentralizing The Internet and DNS!

  1. yes, hushmail was comprimised a while back, built in backdoors for state
    requests. Effectively useless.

  2. Was missing these Anarchast episodes.

    Internet anarchy is on the decline in the U.S. thanks to Net Neutrality.

    • +Michael G Also would anyone be interested in taking the RT series Boom
      Bust/Prime Interest/Capital Account back? The people doing the show now are
      liberal Keynesians. It used to be an Austrian school friendly alternative
      economics/finance show.

  3. I remember using EasyDNS back in the day, but I stopped using it because it
    was too expensive and its interface looked like that of a Linksys router,
    which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in their technology. Now I use
    DNSMadeEasy because they give everyone automatic worldwide IP-anycast
    failover and have an unprecedented uptime track record.

  4. Thanks Jeff, your channel is Oxygen to liberty & freedom! Very generous of
    you, I know your heart & soul is behind this channel – helping to awaken
    people all around the world! I’ve been watching your channel for years!
    THANK YOU! Best regards: Ricardo from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  5. Yo Jeff when are you coming up to the Vancouver City Center riding for your
    campaign? I’ll drop by from Surrey to show support.

  6. About the Hushmail thing Jeff – I WAS a customer until that incident.
    Basically it happened around the time the US was attacking the gold
    exchange services (remember e-Bullion e-gold etc) A court order was issued
    to get all records from everyone’s Hushmail accounts. – That’s why I don’t
    use them anymore.

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