Anarchast Ep. 189 Tuur Demeester: The Whorehouse of Central Banking!

Jeff interviews Bitcoin entrepreneur Tuur Demeester, topics include: unpegging of the Swiss franc, Swiss banking, the population held hostage by their central banks, the move to private currencies, Bitcoin as an insurance, governments to embrace Bitcoin, the religion of statism grows weaker, government shrinks, Bitcoin as the internet of property, Passport to Freedom, entrepreneurship, non-violence, especially to children!

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13 Comments on Anarchast Ep. 189 Tuur Demeester: The Whorehouse of Central Banking!

  1. If Bitcoin went to a million dollars it would be the same thing as it going to zero.
    At that point zero dollars and a million dollars are going be the same value,zero.
    What a bitcoin will buy is hard to say.Maybe a cup of coffee or maybe nothing but I highly doubt ONE bitcoin will buy a house.

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning Peaceful Parenting! I see it as one of the most important ways we can move toward a Voluntary world, up there with Bitcoin, Nonviolent Communication, Spreading the Word, and creation of systems of Interdependence.

  3. bitcoin trading now at $227 and litecoin at $1.3… (i remember when litcoin went to $50 just over a year ago and was selling for under $1 around the same time frame) i wanted then to invest $10k in litecoin, but i hesitated because i did not trust the internet security… i had always wanted to hold a Physical Bitcoin… lol  🙂

    ps) Atheist Agnostic=  AA  :+)

    • Exactly, whoever has control over the internet will have control over all the wallets, I can’t get my head around that… And now the US govt is pushing to hand over internet control to the U.N. (United Nazis)
      They are truly desperate to hold control.

  4. The Pope has never endorsed same sex marriage. What the heck is this guy talking about? I’m not Catholic, but I know that much.

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