Anarchast Ep. 182 Juan S. Galt: The Supernet and Anarchapulco!

Jeff interviews Bitcoin 2.0 evangelist Juan Galt, topics include: Stephan Moleneux on Somalia, freedom in Mexico, capital controls, Bitcoin 2.0 multi-tool Supernet, MaidSafe, multi-gateway, decentralized storage, lack of anonymity on the blockchain, BitcoinDark network, rising hope, investment crowdfunding, ownership stake, Open Bazaar, Anarchapulco.

Apologies for poor video quality after 6'30" due to camera issue.

Juan on

The SuperNET:


Stefan Molyneux on Somalia:

Anarchapulco Event:


The Dollar Vigilante:

Who is Juan S. Galt?

Juan is a Philosopher, Bitcoin 2.0 journalist and long time anarcho capitalist. You can follow his work at or on twitter @juansgalt.

Juan currently lives in Acapulco and will be a speaker at Anarchapulco this February 24th.

What is the SuperNET?

The SuperNET is a conglomerate of the most innovative and reliable blockchain technologies. It is both a blockchain company fund as well as a software client that allows seamless access to all partnered crypto-currency innovations.

There are many sides to the SuperNET and it is very difficult to shine a light on all its angles. Among its most prominent developments however are : Anonymous finance, decentralized market place, cross-blockchain decentralized exchange, AI powered customizable tradebots, and decentralized stock-market worth over 18 million dollars and more. Many of these are already functional, some of them are under development.

To learn more about the SuperNET visit the official website at, subscribe for the newsletter and -if you want to be on the ground floor of its developments- join the Slack channels!

For much more information go here:

17 Comments on Anarchast Ep. 182 Juan S. Galt: The Supernet and Anarchapulco!

  1. I wish every interview was done this way where only one person gets to hold the microphone and talk while the other cannot interrupt. In a day and age, where talking over the other person, interrupting and yelling to make your point across has become the norm in media, this format in itself makes this interview worth watching! Great work Jeff!

    • Yes there is. Download/install free software “A Tube Catcher”. You can use it to download videos and/or only audio from Youtube, among many other interesting functions.

  2. thanks for the great interview! Its fascinating to see all the structures being build on the blockchain. like a whole new digital word waiting to pull us out of governemt control

  3. I like the mic and I like your backyard! Please do more vids out there Jeff, incredibly COOL! Peace from China.

  4. I’m not trying to bash you or anything, but is there any reason Jeff smokes in every video? Is it a symbol for something or does he just really like smoking? Just curious.

  5. Great interview. Once everyone starts using bitcoin, government will start to lose and power because there’ll be no way to fund them, so the world will be a better place << On point, Juan. 

    • Yea he did, google this guy, he can’t make up his mind what he does, he’s a reporter, lawyer, WTH he wants to be that day, he probably is nothing.

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