Anarchast Ep. 143 Ben Stone: The Bad Quaker!

Jeff interviews Ben Stone; the Bad Quaker, topics include: using politics to achieve goals is flawed, government holds back innovation and wealth, organised religion gets in the way of true spirituallity, the roots of Quakerism, the Quakers vs the Puritans, building your own 'brand' lends credibility to the message, government and state are two different things, life and freedom on the road.

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    • I thought my microphone was muted and so was surprised he heard me shouting to the kids to go upstairs… I said I didn´t “yell” because I don’t believe in using violence (with words or physically), especially with children, and I wasn’t “yelling” at them in those terms… I said it very loud so they could hear me through the closed door.

    • +TheAnarchast It’s obvious you weren’t “yelling at”, you were merely shouting to be heard. Ben Stone speaks so quietly that anything sounds like yelling in comparison. 🙂

    • +Toppelton Geardom
      Mises was agnostic and he was specifically referring to communism which was spreading to Europe at the time. If your going to quote someone do everyone a favor and reference the context.

    • +Cam Fox They are both anarchists but one is trying to change the system from within the system and the other, Ben, has just abandoned it all together.  I support both.

    • I know you didn’t ask me, but I remembered a time in history when this same conflict was a very real situation.  The Anglican Church of the 16th century was very corrupt.  Still within it’s ranks were very pious people who only wished to be closer to God.  Over time they separated into two groups.  One elected to remain in the church and their mission would be to purify the corrupt nature of the church and return it Godly concerns and actions.  The church establishment mockingly called them PURITANS.  The Puritans kind of liked that name so it stuck.  The second group thought that any association with the evil corrupt church was sinful, and so they seceded from the church (very anarchistic) and sought God as individuals, not as part of a group under the control of man.  The church didn’t fear the Puritans because they knew that they could prevent them and make them toe the line, but they did fear the second group and set about to smear their names and make sure they had trouble gaining employment and so on.  This continued until the second group began to immigrate to Holland, where they weren’t treated much better, but at least they could make a life.  Eventually this group pooled their assets and purchased passage for 102 of there members to the New World, “America”.  Because of this “pilgrimage, they became known as Pilgrims.

      I don’t know if the Puritans would ever have triumphed in their quest.  The history they left behind them once they arrived in America was not something a Christian would be proud of, the Salem witch trials and so on.

      So I would say that Ben Stone has the best chance of making a difference.  You can see that it takes someone very special to resist the temptations of office and work inside the system to reform it.  Ron Paul was special.  His son is being corrupted by the system.  History has reflections that are very relevant for our lives today, but we don’t always want to hear the truth.

  1. Really enjoyed the interview. It’s interesting to hear how you guys think and how you live.

    • Just live your life free and surround yourself with like minded friends and you are there.  You have to be free in your thinking and your own mind first and then take the steps to initiate those ideas in your daily life.

  2. I might be living in Mexico within the coming year, so I’m going to try to attend the Anarchopulco event.  I’ve visited Acapulco in August of 1977 for a honeymoon and then in July of 2008 to visit a friend.  I enjoyed the sounds of the kissing lizards and the strong nightly thunderstorms. Thanks Jeff, I always look forward to your broadcasts. Your show is my favorite on the internet. 

  3. What’s great about Jeff is that he acknowledges when he learns something.  He’s very smart, and very humble.

  4. A great interview! I could never get tired of hearing from Ben and you can tell Jeff is having a great time.

  5. Let’s not just get rid of government, *organized religion* has to go, also. BOTH of those impede human progress–materially and spiritually.

  6. I’d like to discuss voluntaryism and Disobedience with Ben Stone over a couple glasses of whiskey. This is 2018. IRAs and stuff: I am eligible to withdraw this year. But I diversified into cryptocurrency and think I am good. I will be 9n the road for sure soon.

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