Anarchast Ep. 104 with Cody Wilson: The Future Is 3D Printing

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Jeff talks with Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed about many topics including 3D printing, Bitcoin, the irrelevance of government because of the internet and other topics. Cody is a popular figure in the liberty moment considering his involvement with the 3D printing of firearms which include AR-15s and early prototypes of AK-47s. Also, find out more about Dark Wallet, an exciting new Bitcoin wallet venture from Cody Wilson, in this jam-packed episode of Anarchast.

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9 Comments on Anarchast Ep. 104 with Cody Wilson: The Future Is 3D Printing

  1. Argh, looks like you’re a victim of google/youtube’s content ID. “This video is blocked in your country on copyright grounds”

  2. Great interview! So many amazing people advocating the ideas of freedom lately. More than that…they are LIVING the ideas of freedom. Leading by example. Can everyone feel the momentum growing?

  3. This will be an evolution in technology, not a revolution.  We aren’t going back to something we had before.

  4. Yeah this is being censored here in the US for some copyright bullshit (?!) Id love to see the interview guys any options?

  5. Hmmm.

    An air-rifle is completely unregulated in the US. Modern air-rifles are capable of delivering a .223 jacketed slug at rifle velocity.

    A full-auto .223 air-rifle made of 3D printed parts with a steel barrel sleeve would be pretty amusing …

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