An Anarchist Expat In Panama Steeming and Doing Social Media

Anarchast Ep.326

Jeff interviews Randy Hilarski of $200 Social in the Trump Hotel Panama, topics include: Randy's disillusionment with military service then the medical service in the US, horrendous taxation in the US, a new life in Panama, the economy is booming and so are property values, the US is exporting inflation, Wirex Bitcoin debit cards, launching $200 Social, the age of social media, social media censorship, the Steemit community, the shining future of Steem

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28 Comments on An Anarchist Expat In Panama Steeming and Doing Social Media

  1. Your goes was right to move.
    This guy is very honest and I respect that.
    You Jeff need to relax with your life and drinking (;

    Stay anarchy.

  2. Great interview and great company as it appears! I miss Panama City, looking at it in the background there….must get back

  3. You guys touched upon many interesting subjects in this interview. Great job and thanks for also posting this on Steemit!

    Oh – I also agree with Randy 100% …. Tuck Fhe Man

    • +Randy Hilarski What is owned by the ppl? I assume you guys know what a currency is and why it is not money. I do not then understand why you fall for this bitcoin nonsense. Far as I can tell bitcoin is a currency laundering service which is fucking amazing. No doubt it is a much needed service, but that in and of itself does not a money make.

      Hard assets are the only logical replacement for any currency. Fine if you want to use paper or bitcoins to trade that hard asset, but the currency must be backed by something that you can hold for it to be anything more than a pyramid scheme.

    • Not where I am from but in the hot areas that is true. My old house is actually worth less now than when I sold it.

  4. Hey Jeff you had that Interview with a Anarchast in India -now what has happened there its very interesting all -you could go there and visit him and show us find out how is it going now in India-also with that identycard they want to bring on every indien what a weird thing to do and its so crazy to take the cash away i just can’t Imagen that they would tolerate it .but they have always gone with the $ and i think that the multimillionaires must have known about it beforehand and it will just support the dealing with different kind of valuables.

  5. @Randy Hilarski: I too am a veteran who has become an an-cap. I was curious what kind of visa you got to get in and stay in Panama. Thanks!! :):)

    • Just a simple tourist Visa in the beginning. You can stay for six months and then run to Costa Rica or Fly to Colombia to renew. Now I am a full Resident.

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