Adam Kokesh on Running For Non-President, Relationships and 10 Days of Ayahuasca

Anarchast Ep.327

Jeff interviews Adam Kokesh of Adam vs The Man and Freedom, topics include: running for not-president, the peaceful dissolution of government, self government, the Libertarian party campaign, anarchists in politics, government is a criminal enterprise, non-violent systems that render governments obsolete, liquidating state assets, 10 years of full time activism, winning hearts and minds, libertarian infighting vs mutual support, reserving public shaming for real miscreants, private contracts and relationships, building an earthship, misuse of pot, Adams experience with Ayahuasca at Trip To Wellness, Adams journey from warrior to healer, homesteading, Adams return to media production, the Orwellian fake news debacle, online media censorship, emotional freedom and self determination, the developing culture of applied Libertarianism, Anarchapulco 2017!

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21 Comments on Adam Kokesh on Running For Non-President, Relationships and 10 Days of Ayahuasca

  1. If Adam wants to give it a try, I´m with him. If I can support Donald Trump
    for president, I sure as hell can support Adam Kokesh for (not-)president.
    Now I don´t make myself illusions that he will get anywhere close to
    winning, but if he raises any kind of awareness about anarchy, or, as he
    calls it, self-governance, it´s worth it. And I think he´s a great person
    and a great fighter for liberty and he deserves our support.
    Go Kokesh 2020!

  2. the last time there were a lot of stateless societies was just before
    Genghis Khan slaughtered them all

  3. “She” (Mother Ayahuasca) is going to make you laugh. She’s going to make
    you cry. She’s gonna make you terrified and also put you in awe. She is
    gonna break you down. Break you down pretty hard. And build yourself back
    stronger than ever. She;s gonna make you see who You really Are. And it has
    nothing to do with the ideas you built of yourself. Its far beyond it.
    Transcends time, space, forms and descriptions. You are the unbreakable and
    infinite Creator of the Universe. You are the flame of the Divine fire. You
    are perfect. You are free. You are Love. I AM Love. I am You.

    Letter from Mother Ayahuasca. <3

    "My dear ones, my lost children of darkness and light. I come from your
    present and future past, from all that you have been, and from your hopes
    and dreams. I have been calling you for a long time, but your ears were
    deaf to my song. Perhaps you have found your way to me after a dark night
    of the soul. I cannot promise to deliver you into the light, I can only
    show you the doors that you have always avoided by your fears, everything
    from that point is up to you. I can sit with you, for a while, as you learn
    to light your own candles. And it is possible that your night will get
    darker still, and that you will need to carry many candles before the dawn

    I am the flesh and the spirit of the sacred wisdom of the earth, of the
    plants, animals and birds, of the moon and of all the stars, which I
    reflect back to you in your own visions. I am the Holy Spirit. I am the
    stuff of dreams and visions and Light - even though sometimes in me you can
    see only your own nightmares. I am the mirror of your soul, I am the mirror
    of the soul of ages, and the soul of the ageless.

    When you behold me, you enter the realm of the bardo, of your own symbolic
    death; the death of your Ego, the death of all your stories about yourself
    that blind you. And in that realm it is not external beings that you will
    see - angels and demons and malevolent spirits, or gods and sorcerers and
    devils. What you encounter are your own heights and abysses, your shadows
    and projections. Your creations. I am the mirror that is calling you to
    stop running and to turn around. To face your own evasions and to witness
    the countless ways in which you've learned to hide. So that you can better
    know yourself. In the end, you must become your own healers and shamans. I
    will make you work like you have never worked before.

    The only real journey that ever really existed, that can exist, and the
    only real journey that will ever exist, is the journey within yourself.
    This is where I take you.

    My sacrament will be the most difficult and challenging experiences of your
    life, yet nothing in the Universe can ever be more rewarding. I can only
    walk with you, for a while, and hold your hand. But the journey is yours to
    make. And it is a journey you must repeat. It will take you from illusion
    to reality, from the consensus trance of a mad society, to the sanity and
    stillness of your heart. And from the death of lifetimes of quiet
    desperation, to the immortality of an instant.

    Let us share our visions, together.

    My dear children, the rooms in your house are a chaos. The house of your
    soul and the house of the earth on which you tread your feet, not lightly.
    I cannot put those rooms right for you. I cannot be a mother/father that
    admonishes you, with a stern voice of authority, to clean your rooms, under
    the threat of punishment or the promise of reward. That is not how Mother
    Holy Spirit speaks. I can tell you, with a voice that echoes the vibrations
    of love and understanding, and the melancholy of quiet sorrow: look at the
    huge mess you have made. Are you happy dwelling in this chaos, where it is
    difficult to encounter yourself? Difficult to find your belongings, where
    all your toys lay scattered and buried under the rubble of madness and
    folly? Can you not see that if you choose to clean your own rooms, not
    because of any compulsion or promise, but just so, for yourself, and in
    this present moment, which is all you can ever know of time, then you will
    be able to breathe better, to move around more easily, and to learn how to
    play? Once more. There are so many lost treasures beneath the mess you have

    I reveal the doors within yourself to Find them.

    My dear ones, my lost children of darkness and light. You see the cosmos as
    a stage on which the drama of good and evil is played out. You dream of a
    sword of light that would conquer and vanquish all the darkness. And you
    have made the whole world into a projection of the battlefield of your own
    Soul. You fight, endlessly, against the monsters and demons within
    yourselves. But those demons are the wounded inner children of your past,
    they are your pains and your defenses, they are the voices that could not
    emerge into the light and learned to live in forgotten caves. They are your
    insanity. They are you. And those others who you rage against, because of
    their ignorance, and immorality and ugliness… they are also you. Lay down
    your weapons and embrace your enemies.. the enemies that live within you.
    Haven't you understood - no battle is ever won. They are not even fought.
    The battlefield only reveals your own folly and despair, and victory is the
    illusion of philosophers and fools.

    My dear ones. Let us learn visions, together. I am the Spirit of Spirits. I
    am the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit of the Universe. This moment is all you
    can ever know of time." ~ Mother Ayahuasca.

    "Fear of Self means you never live"

    Although each persons experience on Ayahuasca is unique, there are some
    commonalities that show up again and again. These include:

    -experiencing pure love and wisdom.
    -entering another realm more real than what we experience day-to-day on
    earth (in other words the 5th and 7th dimensions of Spirit that is
    everywhere all the time, far beyond our 3rd dimensional physical existence,
    yet the higher dimensions are right here all at the same time, and most
    importantly, these dimensions are within you!!!).

    -realizing we are all one (separation is total illusion, and how everything
    is connected is impossible to describe because it's infinite connections.
    The only way to know it is to experience it, and BE IT ).
    -fear of death eliminated, as you realize this is a temporary existence for
    your soul to grow and learn.
    -everything is conscious.
    -entering a realm where space and time no longer exist, everything is
    infinite and in the ‘now’. (the infinite now of the 5th and 7th dimensions
    of light, where no time and no illusions can exist)
    -experiencing unconditional love through every cell of your being, on a
    level we don’t have words to describe.
    -having access to all information in the universe instantly. Realizing we
    in our human bodies will never fully grasp all there is, reality is far
    more complex than we could ever imagine.
    -reliving past experiences of your life (and sometimes past lives as you
    are connected to Soul memory, not the mind memory of your false ego), first
    from your perspective, then from the other persons perspective. We get to
    feel how we made them feel. This is for us to learn, not as a punishment.
    -there is no punishment in this realm, even if you have a ‘bad’ experience.
    The ayahuasca is teaching you a valuable lesson, it’s up to you to learn
    from it.
    -digging up past traumas buried deep in our subconscious, bringing them to
    the surface and helping us face them and get over them.
    -a love for all living beings (people and animals). Many people eat less
    meat, go vegetarian/vegan or eat more fruit and vegetable following the
    -giving up on the material world, many people change their field of work to
    one that help others rather than focusing on making money for oneself.
    -realizing that we are not here to accumulate money or physical
    possessions, we are here to help one another, love one another and grow.
    -during the experience the ego is removed, revealing your true self.
    -you may see complex geometry, moving and flowing in colourful patterns.
    -realizing everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies.
    -feeling of your pineal gland (3rd eye) being sore for a day or two after,
    like a muscle worked out for the first time.
    -meeting other beings far more intelligent than any human and being able to
    telepathically communicate with them.

    The truth is, All the ascended masters in every religion were Shamans, who
    had many direct Spiritual experiences with Sacred Entheogen Plants. Jesus
    as well used sacred Plants to heal, and it's well documented. The divine
    sacred Plant Entheogens are our true teachers, always have been and always
    will be.

    What I absolutely love about Ayahuasca is she has such a perfect Universal
    design to only pull in people who have an extremely deep love for Truth.
    The Spiritual Warriors. She leaves out the insincere who have too short of
    a barrier of courage. She has such a perfect barometer and threshold for
    every human being on the planet. In other words, if a religious person who
    has been totally brainwashed by all the lies of churches, sees the
    ceremonies are done at night, and sees some snakes in some Ayahuasca Art,
    and sees it will be difficult at the beginning to face their Ego, they will
    immediately run away by their silly superstitions and illusions. Totally
    owned by all their fears. LOL. And totally ignoring the enlightenment and
    infinite revelations aspect later. Becoming absolute Truth to them is not
    worth it. And then on the other hand, someone who is into the occult
    garbage and into dark energies, will not want to take Ayahuasca either,
    because they will learn that Ayahuasca eventually leads to Enlightenment.
    LOL !!.. Truth is ALWAYS Paradoxical !!

  4. The stateless society solution to dealing with violent criminals should be
    pretty simple. Unfortunately too much hard drugs morph “non-aggression”
    into “pacifism.”

  5. Great Idea Adam, my advice for you moving forward, embrace astrology and
    permaculture, look up 2020-2025 astrologically (including solar flare
    activity), check my channel bro, find answers elsewere too. Later.

  6. To sustain anarchy we need to create self-sufficiency through permaculture
    techniques brother, that is the most fundamentally crucial step that is
    being severely overlooked in this movement, you cannot afford to leave out
    permaculture in your journey moving forward!!! Anarchy is reliant upon the
    thorough research, experimentation and implementation of permaculture

  7. This is a brilliant move adam cheers, very necessary, cant wait, and please
    ensure you research permaculture to guarantee your success! Bill Mollison,
    Geoff Lawton – and please check this 40 minute presentation ‘taking
    regenerative agriculture forward and mainstream’ you cannot afford to miss

  8. Really enjoyed this entire broadcast, thanks so much for this interview, I
    concur, 2020-2025 is going to be powerful for a number of reasons, and I
    love the message of encouragement, that is vital. Loved hearing Adam talk
    about swales and homesteading.

  9. “We need a radical solution!” You just heard him endorse the Radical
    Agenda! He is running for the leader of the military, he must be ready to
    use the “physical removal principle” to enforce his executive order…

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