A Midwifed Home Birth with Dayna Martin and the Freemans

Anarchast Ep.350

Jeff interviews Lisa and Nathan Freeman with Dayna Martin on the very recent home birth of Ira Belle Freeman in Acapulco. Topics include: home birth illegal in the USA, unassisted free birth, the regulation and expense of having a child in the US, $30,000 even with insurance, the free natural process works very well, 2 pushes and she was out, a magical experience, unnatural child birth practices in the US, Ira Belle born in gentleness peace and freedom in Mexico, a longer gestation than doctors predicted, midwifery and unschooling, birth is not a medical event, the blessing and women's circle at Anarchapulco, trusting our bodies, Anarchapulco 2018!

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13 Comments on A Midwifed Home Birth with Dayna Martin and the Freemans

  1. Candidates for home birth should consider the mother’s medical history, as well as the birth history of their spouse, parents and of in-laws. Families with a history of complicated births are likely not good candidates for home birth.

  2. My mom caught me all by herself in our bathroom while my dad was out chopping firewood for her.

  3. I was born in my house then later rushed to a hospital. Till this day I still can’t get my passport. I have a birth certificate and a social security card and it makes no difference. I heard in the future you will need a passport just to go from state to state.

  4. love the family related episodes.. so glad we had our baby at home with a midwife… what a beautiful experience!

  5. hospitals are a places for sick people and emergancies, not birthing.. thanks for covering this

  6. My wife and I have twins that were born at the hospital, but it was a natural birth with zero drugs. Some of us can’t afford a midwife . BTW, tattoos are so unnatural, why do you even have them Dayna?

    • +SELF-RELIANCE and a STRONG COMMUNITY Because it’s her body to decorate as she chooses?

  7. I was born @ home. That was in 1954. The Dr. came to the house after I was born.
    My younger brother was born @ home and almost died. So it is a good idea for an
    actual medical Dr. to be there during the birth. My brother before me
    died right after birth @ home. My youngest brother was born in the hospital and he had complications. Home birth without a Dr. is risky @ best.

  8. Good for them, if I hadn’t been soundly asleep when I had my 2 children things would have been done very differently!


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