Q&A: Cryptoeconomic Protocols In the Context of Wider Society

Vitalik Buterin delivers a special presentation for the first time in London at the Ethereum meetup on October 3rd 2014.

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  1. Will money no longer be required in the human species?  I believe we can end the system of money as soon as  human labor is no longer required in the acquisition of goods and services.  With that being said I have another question to pose, will humans end the system of money when that time comes?  Your thoughts?

    • We live in a finite universe, even if we get to the point of Star Trek where we have seemingly endless energy supplies and the technology to materialize things out of thin air on command there is still the need for private property to determine who owns what physical space, say land on on a planet or the use of our bodies. You could theoretically make a copy of Earth to the last atom, or a copy of me to the last atom, but we would still likely know which was the original and value it more.

      Currency is a natural product of human beings owning property in a finite universe, its just a good that many people recognize as valuable to each other either for it’s own sake or as a store of value that is easily traded to others.

      Since you seem to be a detractor of private property, as almost all anti-currency people are, I’d like to point out that if you abolish private property you no longer own yourself, the collective does. Historically the leaders of collectives notably value the prosperity and life of individuals far less then those individuals value their own lives and prosperity themselves. (“Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask instead what you can do for your country.” The most insidious feel good slogan on Earth if you ask me) This is the main reason why ALL communist regimes have slaughtered dissenting populations. The glorious leader doesn’t need to ask what you can do for your country, he is happy to tell you at the point of a gun since he is convinced that you are the property of the collective he manages. You selfishly wanting to live and prosper when your death would benefit the collective is as irrelevant as your selfish desire to have determination over your own home or career.

      The needs of the many, may outweigh the needs of the few, but imposing those needs on the few is a criminal violation of property rights.

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