5 Comments on Ethereum: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

  1. gosh, ALL of the Etherium videos have poor sound. Some poorer than others
    (this one being one of the better ones) but they all make it extremely hard
    to follow what happens in the project.

    • I am starting to think that is the point. Keep it vague and difficult to
      understand. Mysterium! Seriously though, it’s pretty fucking annoying…

    • These presentations are recorded at Ethereum meetups organised by the
      community. To improve recording quality I have bought a Zoom H1 handy
      recorder myself and donated one to the meetup in Silicon Valley.
      While this is a big step up from using a smartphone, the quality also
      depends on the environment, usage and tuning. Most of the meetups are held
      in hacker spaces, startup offices, etc that lack the professional audio
      setup and have a lot of background noise. If the speaker walks around,
      frequently bumps into the table or drops the microphone this isn’t helping
      either 🙂 I think the next improvement we can make is to buy some lavaliere
      microphones for the speakers, audience questions will probably still be
      inaudible. If you are an audio engineer and attending these Ethereum
      meetups, please reach out to the organiser and help them improve their
      recording setup. ~ Joris

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