Roger Ver: Bitcoin, Liberty and the Scalability Roadblock (Episode 164)

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Roger Ver is one of the earliest Bitcoin investors and through his tireless evangelizing of the cryptocurrency became known as 'Bitcoin Jesus'. Roger joined us to discuss Bitcoin's incredible potential to foster liberty. We also discussed how the current stalemate about how to scale Bitcoin is threatening that potential. And, finally, the mining pool operated by his site that is supporting the Bitcoin Unlimited client.

Topics discussed in this episode:
– How Roger Ver became the first investor in Bitcoin startups
– What the Bitcoin community was like in 2011
– The appeal of Bitcoin for voluntaryists
– Why the scalability stalemate is crippling Bitcoin
–'s new mining pool and support for Bitcoin Unlimited
– His vision for the future of Bitcoin

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7 Comments on Roger Ver: Bitcoin, Liberty and the Scalability Roadblock (Episode 164)

  1. Fantastic interview. You seemed a bit star struck when the interview first
    Yeah, I’ve been worried about the bitcoin miners (meaning those who run the
    mining pools). Full blocks mean a huge profit for them in fees and they
    don’t have an immediate profit motive to adopt any of the bitcoin
    improvements that would free up the network and lower fees. Their short
    term profit motive is now hurting bitcoin as a whole since it’s making
    bitcoin harder and slower for individuals as well as businesses. That’s
    probably why business owners are starting to add options to accept alt
    coins these days.
    Love the idea Roger is developing on creating a competing bitcoin exchange
    to bring in some competition. Other business owners might want to consider
    doing the same and with their desire for a very fast and easily used
    bitcoin, they might be able to change the landscape that’s currently built
    on the pool owners profit motive. Of course if he got close to 50 it could
    cause a loss of confidence in bitcoin and create a new bear trend.
    Interesting problem.

  2. I believe we should support and adopt segwit and the lightning network.
    After we do this, then we could re-examine the block size debate.

  3. Roger Ver will likely be a winner no matter what happen to current Bitcoin
    mainly because he’s in it for the cause. He’ll likely be one of the first
    to see the next truly decentralized crypto ala Satoshi’s original mission
    that can also scale to satisfy his global vision to millions of tx per
    second. I’d keep an eye on Roger’s next move.

    • How about Steem? Seems like it checks everything that he wants in a
      network. Fast 3 second blocktime, zero censorship on the blockchain social
      platform, zero transaction fees!

    • It’s a different use case though. Steem is about incentivizing and
      rewarding content creation not payments / store of value.

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