EB146 – Ryan X. Charles: Allowing Content Creators to Own and Monetize Content with Yours

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In the last 20 years, content publishing platforms have proliferated to an almost insane number. There are countless places where people and companies can post articles, blogs, videos, photos, live content and so on. Despite this diverse offering, little innovation has happened in monetizing content, which still mostly remains ad-based.

We're joined by Ryan X. Charles, Bitcoin Developer and Founder of Yours. Yours would like to address the monetization problem by allowing content producers to earn Bitcoin when they create good content. Yours is an in-browser application which implements a Bitcoin wallet and enables micro-transactions through their own implementation of the Lightning Network. Content Creators are paid by Curators who attribute value to the content. Curators are themselves rewarded when content they find valuable goes viral.

Topics discussed in this episode:

– Ryan's background as the Lead Developer of BitCore, and his experience at BitGo and Reddit
– What is Yours and what types of applications it enables
– The technical components of Yours
– The Yours application and how users post and access content
– Why he chose to build Yours on bitcoin
– How micropayments are implemented in Yours
– How Yours addresses the issue of copyright infringement
– What challenges Yours may face in order to reach critical mass

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Yours client:


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– Jaxx: Wallets that Unify the Blockchain Experience Across Devices

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7 Comments on EB146 – Ryan X. Charles: Allowing Content Creators to Own and Monetize Content with Yours

  1. Its important to keep in mind sites like Youtube also provide and discovery
    and exposure due to their huge audience. So while its true content creators
    may not make as much, the additional exposure may offset the smaller
    “conversion” ratio.

  2. So the problem: when asked about what yours is, he explains why his
    competitors suck, without explaining how he solves the problem. That’s a
    red flag in my book

  3. I’m not hear to learn about YouTube I’m here to learn about yours. 20
    minutes in is 20 minutes wasted on crap that is general knowledge and waste
    of my time

  4. 30 min and nothing at all explained about how yours works. Dear moderators
    you need to learn how to focus more on what matters. Having a vision of “I
    want to fly to the moon” does not make me amazing. Developing a product
    that would make it a reality would. Please talk more about the convo mic
    model, technical architecture and how the thing works, vs wasting time with
    general stuff like google Facebook and what might we do sometime in the
    future. 30 minutes in and nothing was said.

  5. Now you are talking about loans! 40 minutes in. I want to learn about
    yours. How does it work, what are the economics, architecture, strategy

  6. Oh I also don’t care about micro payments. Still have nothing said about
    yours. I’m glad the developer understands micro payments though. 50 minutes
    in. Nothing said about yours

  7. Finally on minute 58 they are talking a little about the architecture. So
    if I understand this correctly it’s a website running on a server, sorta
    like Reddit with a micro transaction layer on top of it using Bitcoin and

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