#228 Corey Todaro & John Bass: Hashed Health – Rebooting The Healthcare Industry

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The healthcare industry is paradoxical. On the one hand, treatment technologies represent some of the most advanced science known to humankind, while some administrative tasks are still performed using paper and fax machine. Studies have shown that the administrative costs of healthcare can represent up to one-third of the total cost of care. Also, as diagnosis, treatment, and care, becomes increasingly data-driven and patient-specific, the industry needs to adopt more secure and robust technologies to manage patient data and communications between the patient and the different participants in the healthcare supply chain.

We are joined by John Bass and Corey Todaro, who are respectively CEO and CPO of Hashed Health, an innovation firm focused on accelerating the meaningful development of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies for the industry. Hashed Health works to build solutions which leverage blockchain to solve some of the most important challenges facing this sector.

Topics discussed in this episode:
– John and Corey's respective backgrounds in the building technology for the healthcare sector
– Nashville as a hub for the US healthcare industry
– What is Hashed Health and what problems the company is trying to solve
– The particular issues facing the US and global healthcare sectors
– How healthcare in the US differs from that of European countries
– The different entities of Hashed Health: Hashed Collective, Hashed Labs, and Hashed Enterprise
– Hashed Enterprise and the products they are building for the industry

Links mentioned in this episode:
– Hashed Health Website:
– Hashed Health Blog:
– Hashed Health Podcast:

– Gnosis X: Build a revolutionary prediction market dApp on Gnosis & win up to $100,000 in GNO tokens –

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  1. Value based metrics sound nice, but people should also have ssome healthy realism– any new incentive structures will be gamed, and often to the detriment of real (unmeasured) outcomes

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