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  1. These press people conducting interviews are totally NOT doing their homework before they go on air… a Bitcoin cannot be hacked or destroyed… to do that you’d have to hack every ledger in the entire planet.. The only thing that can destroy bitcoin is the Internet itself. If the internet is destroyed then so does bitcoin.

  2. wait a minute money is worth zero! its all fiat money there is no gold to back the American dollar? so why are they attacking bit-coin! The people are the money and they make anything worth something by how many use it or want it. Supply and demand.

  3. couldn’t even finish watching the video because of the first clip, If that man thinks bitcoins will be easily counterfeited and hacked he doesnt understand bitcoins at a fundamental level. currency is a very simple concept, it doesnt need the properties that that man listed, it just needs to be “valued” by someone. a collectors car shouldn’t be worth more than the day it was sold, yet people inflate it’s worth because they decide it is worth more. our paper money is paper, is easily counterfeited (very easily), and has a value that is just as arbitrary as time.

  4. Just like any other investment, derivative, mortgage-backed security, etc.. If b it cannot be explained in 3 mins to a 15 year old, then you should stay away.

  5. Certainly were naive comments from the guy who puts all his value in gold… Chances that someone could fake a bitcoin that end users accept? He has obviously no idea how it works even what was explained to him. Good the other skeptic changed the subject as he kept looking more foolish. Then he brings up his IT guys saying they don’t trust it. IT guys? I worked in that area and it’s like having the janitors of a school tell you whether the professor knows what he’s talking about!

  6. @ Jeff Smith. Right Jeff, there WILL come a day when these “so-called financial experts” WILL REGRET having uttered such “authoritative comments.” Unless the various Governmental Authorities, through the influence and encouragement of certain affected parties, bambozzle their way into undemocratically controlling the utilizing these CryptoCurrencies, Bitcoin & the various AltCoins are the phenomena in the future of finance.  

  7. So here we are 1 year later in Nov 2014 and the nay sayers have been mostly wrong and eating their words, through their initial ignorance.

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