Best Bitcoin Conversation With Max Keiser on NewsNight –

Bitcoin, the subversive virtual currency, is now recognised by the Fed. So what now? Digital currencies bypass government and with it, central banks, regulation and oversight. It's the thing that makes them so attractive. But does this lack of control, and their volatility, mean currencies like Bitcoin can never replace dollars, pounds and yen? Finance broadcaster Max Keiser and economist Jeremy Cook, of World First, debate.

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  1. LOL it’s like when Netflix wiped Blockbuster off the face of the Earth over
    nite, but this disruptive technology has its sights at ALL faceless
    corporations & central banks around the world. haha pouring myself another
    glass of very expensive wine i bought with my Bitcoin profits from the last
    3 hours.. a good & just life has finally arrived for all of humanity.

  2. 3:20-3:45 The guy on the left thinks bitcoin can be seized. This shows he
    has not really understood how bitcoin works.

  3. Max is the dialectic for promoting electronic currency to the masses,
    playing his part for the shift for humanity to move to towards electronic
    only money. Common Max, who is paying you to push this other agenda?

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