CoinTalk 022 – A Conversation with Anthony Diiorio

Startup Management and CoinTalk are proud to present

A conversation with Anthony Di Iorio, Exec. Director of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada & Co-founder of Ethereum

The talk was moderated by William Mougayar, Founder of Startup Management

The Event was held in Toronto on March 19 2014 inside the google building at OneEleven and over 100 people turned out to show their zeal for all things crypto currency.

Enjoy the presentation!

2 Comments on CoinTalk 022 – A Conversation with Anthony Diiorio

  1. Finally – someone describing Bitcoin 101. Don’t keep bitcoins on exchanges
    unless you are prepared to lose them. Trade a few coins at exchanges but
    don’t trust centralised third parties with coins you consider are yours.
    The people who kept their coins at Mt.Gox helped to f*k with Bitcoin due to
    their anti-Bitcoin action.
    Anti-Bitcoin = trusting centralised third parties with your damn coins!.

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