Ask Consensus 2019: Where will Bitcoin be in 2020?

We're at Consensus 2019, asking attendees one simple question: What will the price of bitcoin be in 2020?

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3 Comments on Ask Consensus 2019: Where will Bitcoin be in 2020?

  1. “We will be crossing the 50% threshold for Bitcoins mined”. I think he meant the halving, 17.7 of the 21 million bitcoins are already mined.

  2. How to speak without actually saying anything… Just be like her “I don’t think Bitcoin will be worth very much at all.”. She means like around 50K? 100K? 500K? 50 cents? The way i see it, the value proposition of bitcoin is so enormous that ‘not high’ can be anything between 10K and 100K, probably even a wider range.

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