What’s The BEST way to “Predict” Bitcoin’s Price?

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The most common question I get from people goes a little something like this…

“Chris, what do you think bitcoin’s price will do next?”

That got me thinking about the mental models we use to try and predict the prices of financial markets…

And how most people go about it the completely wrong way!

So in today’s video, I’m going to talk about the 5-step process I use to “predict” markets.

In today's episode, you'll learn:
Are market predictions really reliable?
Why most people think about market predictions the wrong way
The 5 steps pros use to anticipate what markets will do next
Case study – how we traded the most recent bitcoin breakout
Which market orders can help you when trading markets that are open 24/7?
Why you should stop guessing and start planning


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23 Comments on What’s The BEST way to “Predict” Bitcoin’s Price?

  1. Hey guys, thanks for watching this video! I love to hear questions and feedback from you… All I ask is that you PLEASE watch the whole video before commenting since I cover a lot in this one 🙂

    • I received bitcoin in digital form as a gift. This is totally new to me. I’m using Blockchain and Coin base. Can you advise me on how move it to use it? I watched a lot of videos.

    • Chris I watched the whole video and always do with your videos and I have a question
      I know bear markets are tough and they make you question everything and to a certain degree I am kinda glad I went through it (no doubt I wish I sold the top) and it made me question and dig deep into everything
      I now know markets go through boom and bust cycles but the bear market made me really question the whole space, Bitcoin (it is extremely inconvenient to use) and blockchain as a whole ( I just don’t see it competing with traditional internet)
      My question now :
      Do you think this space is here to stay? Same question about Bitcoin and blockchain , you think it’s here to stay?

  2. Thank you for you consistent advice! Can’t wait to get my first million so I can use sharespost

  3. Hey Chris, good job, as always! From my side I would add one helpfull tool to enrich analisis from “sestiment” perspective. Using Google Trends, by checking phrases like “bitcoin price” – in case of bitcoin, and then look from perspective of time is IMO really useful. Greetings from Poland.

  4. Ever use dominance charts for trading? Seems like a more accurate valuation metric, especially for risk reward. Extremely useful for altcoin portfolio. Cool video man thanks ✌️

  5. Awesome video Chris – appreciate the knowledge and insight you share to the crypto space!

  6. And another thing is I don’t have any trading knowledge but I would like to learn trading Love u mentor

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