Wealth Building Tips From Todd Tresidder of FinancialMentor.com

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Todd Tresidder has done it all – He ran a hedge fund in the 90’s and built up and sold a real estate empire before the housing crash.

After becoming financially independent at the age of 35, Todd created a wildly successful financial mentoring site, FinancialMentor.com.

I love Todd’s analytical approach to trading, investing, and building wealth. And he doesn’t just speak from theory – he’s done it himself and helped thousands of people.

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3 Comments on Wealth Building Tips From Todd Tresidder of FinancialMentor.com

  1. Awesome interview with great content! Packed with heaps of information and
    I can say, I definitely feel I’ve gained from it intellectually as well as
    mentally from the ideas and perspectives explored in this video. Anyway,
    really appreciate you putting out content like this for your viewers,

    • +Chris Dunn Hey chris,what would you recommend someone who is stuck between
      wanting to start a businesses from having just an idea, opposed to wanting
      to start learning trading futures contracts ? i am more leaning towards
      trading futures becuase i want to be a lifestyle entrepreneur i love the
      concept of location freedom and the other benefits it involves (like not
      having inventory,no rush hour traffic not having to deal with
      customers,people can be a headache) but i also understand you said trading
      has become much tougher so that is a bit discouraging for someone who wants
      to learn trading futures contracts. Just wanted your opinion on which path
      you think would be more realistic in regards to being successful.

      Thank you Chris,your response is immensely appreciated!

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