9 Comments on Travel Tip – Hotels vs. BNBs

  1. I was going to say you multitask extremely well, then it dawned on me that you weren’t in a ‘murican vehicle.

  2. I drove all of Ireland at the beginning of the year, we stayed with friends and I agree Irish Mothers are fantastic, but in some of the more far off places I have been I found the BnBs really creepy. I guess it’s hit or miss. BnBs = Adult hostels, lol!

  3. Where can I find a list of all the BNB that you’ve stayed in? A lot of the great locales don’t even have a well-optimized website.

  4. Almost 50 and STILL haven’t gotten my husband to take me to a BnB yet! Now I’m demanding it for our TENTH anniversary!

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