The Mental Game of a BILLION Dollar Hedge Fund

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Have you ever wondered what mindset you need to successfully invest billions of dollars?

Well, our guest in today's interview has done just that.

Travis Devitt spent 8 years as a professional stock market investor at a top-performing hedge fund.

He helped the fund grow from about $100M to over $1 BILLION in assets under management…

And they were regularly rated among the top hedge funds in the U.S.

Look, it doesn't matter if you're just starting out investing a small amount or managing a billion dollar fund…

All traders and investors face mental game challenges.

And today you're going to hear some of the most valuable lessons Travis learned while making high-stakes investments.


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31 Comments on The Mental Game of a BILLION Dollar Hedge Fund

  1. Hope you guys love the interview! I know it’s a long video, so here’s some timestamps for different topics we cover:

    2:10 – How Travis got into investing at hedge funds
    3:50 – Biggest mental mistakes of professional investors
    4:50 – The keys to outperforming the stock market
    7:35 – How momentum trading works
    9:20 – How to confidently buy panics and dips
    12:00 – Thinking in terms of possibilities and probabilities
    12:40 – Dangerous biases to watch out for
    14:25 – How to find profitable investing ideas
    15:40 – How to handle big losses or manage positions when they go against you
    20:05 – Mental difference between trading your own capital vs. a fund
    21:50 – Benefits of a concentrated portfolio vs a “diversified” portfolio
    22:55 – Travis’ favorite time frames for investing
    27:05 – Expectations of results for long-term stock picks
    29:00 – Why most people are too short-sighted
    30:30 – Fire Round of Do’s and Dont’s
    30:40 – Don’t listen to CNBC
    31:25 – Do seek out opposite viewpoints
    32:00 – Don’t take analysts viewpoints as gospel
    33:50 – Do take advantage of other peoples’ psychological mistakes
    36:10 – Don’t chase investments loved by everyone else
    38:40 – Travis’ advice for new investors or traders
    39:55 – How do you handle revenge trading
    43:03 – Why you should use your losses as case studies

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    • Julio Viloria

      I sure hope it’s not the same images as in fight club!
      The big shlong shots were somewhat disturbing.. but it is propaganda made by an ex Mossad spy so what can we expect.. (the director is ‘ex’ intelligence)….

      Or he’s still running the ops by brainwashing the goyim?

  2. I worked in Asset Management for 7 years, up until I was accused of losing a client $30 million, and another $9 million. It’s part of the game, and unfortunately I was just an analyst who was part of a group.

    Luckily I was 32 years old then, and I left with $330k in my savings account. I have since left that career field.

  3. It makes me warm inside When I hear him say 70% of institutional hedge fund managers don’t beat the indices…

    my 69% equity growth since January 1st (3.5 months ago) trading simply WTI oil and GBP/USD looks pretty good!

    Obviously I know I’m doing well having been trading for less than two years and reached pretty consistent profit – but put into perspective I’m smashing it.

  4. investing is over. Its trading now. Since algos run the show we are humans. Better than any algo so its very easy to spot inefficiencies in machines. You simply can’t invest you must do trading. 50-100 trades a day is usually where you make the big bucks

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