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  1. Day trading is addictive.Wish you would’ve put this out 2 years ago. Should of said gambling is addictive. LO L

    • Hell yeah, that’s why I put together the mental strength quiz and trader checklist. So many people are compulsive gamblers and don’t even realize it! 🙂

    • So maybe you can find that edge in penny stocks, because there is no ALGOS, BIG hedge funds, HFT, and other BIG boys because they just not interested in pennystock markets?
      maybe you have much less competition in penny stocks ?
      please give your opinion about that ?

  2. It’s not the best time right now to do day trading. Just look for altcoins on Binance with more sellers than buyers in order books, buy them as close as possible to support level or right after resistance was broken, use stop-losses and wait for few days. Profit guaranteed.

    Also, accumulate overhyped coins (with delivered product preferably) from 2017 that dropped a lot, take BNTY as an example. Good project with real usage, price dropped 100 times. Just accumulate them on bottom and sell later for 10x or more.

    • Guaranteeing profit is a scam. Nothing in trading is a guarantee. Stop giving people false guarantees.

  3. day trading is amazing, stress free, don’t have to worry about any positions overnight, don’t need to worry about market tanking, you play whatever trend market is going. Best job ever.

    • Hey man whatever works right? Ppl find diff niches. It’s the same for me except just shorter time frame. Let the trades come to you. Im glad your life is good!

    • Yeah daytrading it’s def more stressful, but allows you to be profitable both in green months and red months.

    • Agreed. You can definitely make day trading stress free. Just have to work on your game. Trading and mental.

  4. I feel daytrading is for people who don’t have much SPARE money and have no choice of investing longterm. Like people from poor countries who have $500 of their life savings and they need to double that in 2 weeks for rent or smth. So they have no choice to go on the root of “Invest only what you can afford to loose”, and they HAVE to be riskier than it’s usually advised.

    Sometimes I feel those poor people are 80% of people who watch these videos and they are the ones who need help the most, but these vids are usually made for American/British investors who have the luxury of SPARE money. So they have the luxury of being able waiting for months and years.

    The more SPARE money you have the more long-term you’re able to go.

  5. So True! Great video. Hey Chris what are your thoughts on the institutional supply and demand levels trading strategy?

  6. Great video! The one thing I’ve learnt in 2018 is knowing when to stop. Sometimes the best trade is no trade at all.

  7. Day trading isn’t impossible. You just have to be strict, stick to your targets and keep emotion out of it!

    • @CryptoJack I don’t know a single investor/trader whose made most of their money by day trading. Day trading is a waste of time UNLESS its a specific day you know something’s going to happen which rest of the market doesn’t know. In other words, you have to very well informed about the asset you’re about to trade or you have to be an insider. Real money is made in long term investments and occasional swing trades. You can put the time and effort you waste in day trading into far more productive activities, which will gain you information advantage over most of the market in the long term.

    • Yep I agree that long term money is probably easier to make but people want to see an ‘immediate return’ so day trading and certainly swing trading when done right can add some profit in addition to your long term investments 🙂

  8. I personally just buy when the markets have a big dip and sell when it gets back to where it was before the dip or higher. Then I always have my long term investment that I don’t touch. Most people don’t have the residual cash and need to trade with the money they put in…I had the same issue when I started.

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