13 Comments on Paradise In Thailand! (Epic Journey #35)

    • Yep. – 🙂 – I’d love to listen to them from start to end as well. Again and again. – 😉

      @ Chris: A list of credits (who produced that music?) would be helpful!

    • +Chris Dunn – facepalm – I should read those descriptions more
      often, I guess! – ;D – Thanx-a-lot for the hint!

      btw: Your Botcoin Book just arrived at my place in Germany! –
      Thanx-a-lot for that – greetings to Andrea! – 🙂 – Can’t wait to get
      into that consultation session you offer for buyers of the book! – Keep
      on rocking! – Happy trading! – 😉

  1. Glad you guys are having an amazing life brother! Your video style is starting to look similar to Casey Neistat’s. Keep it up!

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