My First Security Token Investment (And Predictions)

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Over the past 90 days, I've been spending most of my time doing deep research on the security tokens that have launched so far this year…

And this month I made my first investment!

So in this video, I want to catch you up with the work I've been doing with security tokens, and some predictions I have for this space.

In today's episode, you'll learn:

– Why I've spent the last 90 days doing deep research on the current security tokens
– What are the top companies issuing and trading security tokens?
– Which token I chose as my first investment
– Predictions for where I think STO's are headed this year
– Why should you invest in security tokens?
– The 1 TRILLION dollar pie up for grabs right now
– Why I think the “accredited investor” rule is lazy regulation
– And we'll explore the current security token ecosystem

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Presentation from Patrick Byrne explaining Tzero's potential –

The current Security Token ecosystem mapped out –


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20 Comments on My First Security Token Investment (And Predictions)

  1. Hey guys, I packed a lot into this video and suggest watching the whole thing, but here’s a timeline if you want to jump to a certain part of the video:

    00:36 – Important disclaimers
    1:05 – Thoughts and predictions for security tokens
    2:12 – Why I think the “accredited investor” rule is lazy regulation
    3:21 – The current state of the cryptocurrency markets
    6:02 – My first security token investment
    8:20 – Why I love exchanges as potential investments
    10:00 – Why I didn’t invest in this real estate STO
    11:13 – My exercise in discipline when picking STO investments
    12:00 – How to invest in intellectual property rights
    12:40 – CoinLists’s current STO
    12:50 – OpenFinance as a good option for international investors
    13:12 – StartEngine & Republic crowdfunding platforms
    13:40 – Why should you want to invest in security tokens?
    16:56 – The 1 TRILLION dollar pie up for grabs right now
    18:30 – Exploring the current security token ecosystem

  2. Great to have you back! What is your opinion about TEZOS? It would be great if you make a video analysis about it…

  3. since most of these security tokens are on ethereum will it have the same price effect over time on eth as ico’s had or is this different ?

  4. I mean every coin is down 70-80% but I think buying overstock since they own I believe 40% of Tzero and more is the better play.

  5. Great vid man!!
    …What about non US residences? Do we also need to be accreted investors?
    …and/or is there anyway that I or anyone can bypass this strange regulation in order to buy som tokens?
    BTW, what about available tradable tokens like Poly, Own ect.??.. Would love to hear your thoughts on them …As projects/investments and I n comparison to tokens that require accredited investors (and actually why do some projects require that and others don’t??) Thanks!

  6. Great video. Any insight on how to tokenize a project into a security token? I am fundraising for a project that requires accredited investors.

  7. Hey Chris – Love your vid as usual. You are one of the crypto guys I listen to for real!!! What are you thinking about all those old exchanges, for example KuCoin?

  8. OWN market is about to start..
    Great team with a great vision with a lot of experience in the equity market. Working close with the regulators.

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