How To Build A Global Brand With Onnit Founder, Aubrey Marcus

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Aubrey Marcus is the founder of Onnit, a globally recognized health brand.

After creating a bestselling, scientifically backed health supplement, Onnit is now starting to acquire other fitness companies.

But there’s something most people don’t know about Aubrey…

He’s the son of futures trading legend and one of the original Market Wizards, Michael Marcus.

He grew up on his father’s lap at the trading desk, helping him draw technicals on charts and organizing information from faxed newsletters.

Now he’s partnered with the UFC’s evangelist, Joe Rogan to spread their mission around the globe.

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12 Comments on How To Build A Global Brand With Onnit Founder, Aubrey Marcus

  1. Aubrey is an entitled trust fund kid that sells snake oil to idiots online.
    Do 10 minuets of research on him and you’ll regret having him on your show.
    The “institute” that did the studies on his Alpha Brain crap was formed a
    week before they did the studies and never did another published study
    again. VERY SHADY

    • +Dr. Devonte Weston Everyone’s entitled to their opinion… You can call
      him a trust fund kid, but there’s no denying he’s built a $30M+/yr
      business, has a wide variety of products, partnered with A-list people, and
      is building an empire of physical locations and new products.

    • +Chris Dunn So the ends justify the means? Of course snake oil makes money.
      That’s why people do it. But those people are cunts and should be exposed
      as such in the process. Aubrey isnt even his real name. You should feel

    • +Bruce Leroy I actually like their products. I prefer their protein over
      the whey stuff I’ve been taking.

  2. If you don’t have the mental setbacks of those that the product was
    designed for or in most cases you have never even tried it. Then you are
    simply spreading negativity. The product works a great deal for me.
    Multiple studies and his fathers success have no relevance to MY

  3. Oh, a pure scam, pushed by someone that takes hallucinogens

    ( sarchasm ) Great stuff ( /sarchasm )

    I’ll pass and stick with the honest guys

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