Found A Cool Way to Make Money While Traveling | CDTV 001

I just stumbled on a cool, new way to make money while you travel around the world. This probably has a 3-4 year opportunity window, so let me know if you decide to jump on it and make some coin!

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28 Comments on Found A Cool Way to Make Money While Traveling | CDTV 001

  1. I’m excited to share this new series with you guys. What do you think? What
    types of videos do you want to see the most?

    • Love the videos! I would be interested in interviews about ecommerce, if
      you haven’t done those before. Shopify, facebook ads, etc.

  2. Great tip……I’ve thought of it myself just haven’t executed it
    yet!……unlimited markets to tap into! “You can’t order it on Amazon!”

  3. Nice vlog episode! I love the editing of the vlog more than the drone
    commercial. I love that the commercial at the end isn’t even that great, I
    mean it’s totally accessible and doable by ANYONE. By no means is that
    video something anyone should be intimidated by, or think “I can’t do
    that.” Anyone could literally do that with a drone and iMovie. Really
    awesome tip on making money, staying and eating free while travelling!
    (Reading that back, it sounds like I’m trolling, but I’m not…)

  4. Just checked out your vid on trading, I’ve never traded in my life, how
    could I become a trader for a living w/o any experience??

  5. I was thinking of doing this but I read that you had to register your drone
    for business purposes or something along those lines.

    • Yeah, the U.S. just released a new type of license for people to operate
      drone businesses for things like real estate, weddings, etc… I have no
      clue about the laws in other countries. We actually almost got arrested by
      the Panamanian military for flying next to the president’s house. That
      video is coming soon 😉

  6. Nice Vlog Chris! Man… with your lifestyle – you could really pump out
    some quality content (including this one). I totally encourage you to keep
    making these. I wish I had the time to do the same. Also, the whole drone
    hobby is really catching my eye now. Seems like you have really taken it
    on. Opens up a whole new world – a whole new perspective on the
    surroundings around you.

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