Bitcoin Hits $10,000! What’s Next?

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This bitcoin trend is the most incredible bull market I've experienced in the past 15 years of being involved in the financial markets…

And some of the same people that called the bitcoin community crazy for believing in it when the price was below $200 in 2015 are now calling early investors and traders "lucky".

Well, this is a great example of how you can grow your wealth by spotting world-changing opportunities early despite hundreds of people publicly claiming your idea is stupid.

In today's video, I'm walking you through the past 2 years of "market structure", which is a fancy way of saying we're going to analyze the trend…

And I'm going to give you my thoughts on where I think Bitcoin's price is headed next. 

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47 Comments on Bitcoin Hits $10,000! What’s Next?

  1. I really agree. There are a lot of people screaming about the new paradigm but there are never any new paradigms. This will retrace hard and a lot of normies who expect these kind of gains forever will be left crying.

    • It might not be technically a paradigm shift, but the expectations, the comings and goings of ‘normies’ always have been of little import. I remember when they didn’t ‘believe ‘ in e-mail or had their wives print out web pages until they found they could not access Craig’s List, Match-Making, Porn Sites, etc. that without the Internet kept them out of the loop. Today, just applying for a job requires basic tech skills.

    • There are *never* new paradigms? So fiat currency wasn’t a new paradigm? Agriculture? Electricity? Automobiles? Planes? Email? Sometimes there are new paradigms dude.

  2. I started following Chris in July 2016 after the China bubble. I was trying to improve my tech analysis and was taking a beat down in gold. That’s when I first heard about BTC and I started buying Bitcoin Investment Trust on the NYSE while I was learning about the space. Thanks again for all your timely broadcasts and realistic investment strategy. It has changed my life.

    • Harry just starting to invest in cryptos now at 19, did stocks and forex for a couple years but never got any returns like these, hope it keeps going well for you!

    • just because cryptos are rewarding investors now it doesnt mean you should give up on stocks… there are many stocks that are poised to grow many times over in the future. shopify and universal display corporation are good small cap examples…

  3. Lots of youtube experts leaning toward 13k as the top. And with “Pot Coin” getting up to a 50 mil market cap, you know the ledge is near. Also, I am hearing “It will never go down!” or “It is going to 500k!” I lived through the nasdaq bubble. And the similarities are eerily similar. This is going to CRASH HARD.

    • I’m not saying cryptocurrency is dying. I think it is revolutionary just like TCP/IP. revolutionary technology plus a big bubble. Crypto will come back higher after the big crash, I think.

    • Yep, it’s going to crash as hard as the Nasdaq 100 did from 2000-2003 or as hard as silver did from 2011-2015. 70-95% downside. I might be a buyer at $1000.

  4. When I was at thanksgiving dinner and my brother inlaw that I have been telling about Bitcoin when it was @ $3000 told me he finally bought $100 worth of Bitcoin and my mother in-law is asking me about Bitcoin, the money is not yet in Bitcoin. There will be a pull back occasionally as usual but this is going to the moon. It’s on track for $500,000 in three years though I believe Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash will be the one to take that place eventually unless Bitcoin fixes the high transaction fees. People care about the fees. They want lower fees.

  5. The question is not IF it’ll crash, but WHEN and how hard. Then again that is quite literally the multi-billion dollar question, isn’t it.

  6. We will keep going up until we hit $13k and people start cashing out to buy Christmas presents which will trigger a sell off..

  7. Would the rest of the world care that much bitcoin just hit $10000 US? This seems a little like the usual case of Americans thinking everything is about them. ;D Lol. Japan buys 60% of digital currency. The US only around 20% and the rest is split mostly between Korea and Europe. Bottom line is 80% of the world is likely comparing it psychologically primarily with their own native currency. It hit $10000 Canadian where I am at least a month or two ago and I imagine it hit 10000 yen years ago. I understand 10000 US being a psychological milestone for Americans but I doubt it is for the rest of the world with a worldwide currency like bitcoin. That being said I would have to expect at least a bit of a pullback soon based on the crazy explosion in the last month. Great videos btw – I learn a lot here.

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