Bitcoin Case Study: Never Trade or Invest Based on News Headlines

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A lot of people like to use the news as a way to make investment or trade decisions…

And in this video, I'm talking about why that will consistently put you on the wrong side of the markets.


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Disclaimer: I'm not a financial advisor, and nothing I say is meant to be a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. Don't invest money you can't afford to lose. My videos may contain affiliate links to products I believe will add value to your life.

26 Comments on Bitcoin Case Study: Never Trade or Invest Based on News Headlines

  1. I haven’t watched yet, but if you get an article saying “ETHEREUM HACKED, money taken from Ethereum based ICO’s” and see Iconomi for example dropping by 20% and then see Iconomi’s official twitter saying no money got stolen, you can assume the price will go back to normal since nothing really happened so you can trade based on news headlines.. just do it smartly

    • ethereum is not a real crypto, and actual real money was stolen. don’t touch that one. stick with the only real cryptos

  2. Hey Chris, how can we get involved with your community that you’ve been mentioning in videos?

    • look at the global coin market cap graph. There is a head and shoulders forming, Now we in the face of the right shoulder. If it does decide to go down I expect it to bounce for a little around the 1555 mark. Then a little profit taking there, and continue its mark to around 1200-1400. Hopefully it can brake the top resistance because if that happens then who knows how How it will go.

  3. Always get stoked when I see a new video from you in my sub box! Now if only it were more often….!

  4. Hi @Chris

    I love your videos man. I got a question though is it still safe to buy cryptocurrencies before Aug.1 (Segwit)? or Should I buy after Segwit? Thanks!

    • Ben J Bitcoin will be relatively stable until after Aug 1st. The exchanges are preventing people from taking Bitcoin out of their exchange until after Aug 1st.

  5. Reminder: I don’t manage money for other people. Report any fake profiles or email addresses that ask you to send money for an investment scheme. Never send bitcoin or other money to someone claiming they will trade it for you.

    • dang man why not you are a freaking genius. no wonder they scam on you. maybe you should think about it. I am a blackjack dealer. btw I thought this video was great.

  6. Probably right however strategic partnerships etc can change the expected future growth and that wont be relected instantly….

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