3 Keys To Effective Investing & Trading

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My approaches to trading and investing have changed a lot over the years.

For example, I used to be a stressed-out day trader who ended up with high blood pressure in my 20's due to a sedentary lifestyle and my constant obsessing about the markets…

But the past five years have been WAY more relaxed.  

And my investment accounts, productivity, and health have improved dramatically since making some big shifts.

Today, I have no problem waiting for months to find the perfect opportunity for my current goals, and my capital buckets have become much more diversified. 

Instead of obsessing about trying to catch every move in the markets, I spend more of my time evaluating early-stage venture investments or planning multi-month swing trades in cryptocurrencies. 

Also, I've put my long-term retirement investments on autopilot, and completely eliminated trading or investing in markets where I don't feel like I have a strong edge.

Over the past few months, I've been thinking a lot about my philosophy about the markets and the future of money…

And I've simplified my beliefs down to 3 keys for effective investing and trading. 


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21 Comments on 3 Keys To Effective Investing & Trading

  1. another great vid Chris. Thanks a lot for sharing your expertise! 😉 oh… by the way, welcome back with your valuable videos. It’s good to watch you again and I think it’s a good market indicator too!!!

  2. I’ve done some trading so I can certainly agree with what you’re saying. In fact, I have found that a great life lesson can be attained by learning how NOT to be too attached to any position. I have found that the secret to a happy life is learning to let go.

    • For sure, the risk-reward profiles are higher, but IMO trading for larger moves is much easier than short-term trading because the noise on smaller time frames with crypto markets is very noisy and choppy.

  3. Hey Chris! another great video bud! really glad you are back and keeping us in the loop…..so it’s quite clear that BTC is in another accumulation phase but as you mentioned-Wall Street is arriving and as a result, what do you make of the competitive edge for retail traders/investors leading into the next healthy uptrend/bull market? Is 6k BTC the new $200 and we will see another massive bull run in coming years or will it get more competitive as the crypto market diversifies and grows? BTC dominance is not what it was back in 2014 although it does still rule the roost and dictates play at this point in time. Thanks again for your input mate!

    • I’m unsure if $6k is going to hold, so I haven’t been aggressively accumulating yet. We definitely have a plan of action for 3 scenarios though

  4. Thank you very much Chris for this latest video
    . It’s very informative.
    There’s so much to learn from you..
    More power to you. God Bless you.

  5. CHX has entire eco system for security tokens, and is booming 9x in last month and still low marketcap 6M lol we are moooooooooooooooooooooooning for the sto boom

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