Publishing – Can YouTube and Reddit be overtaken? STEEMIT, Props,, Flixxo

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Today, we’ll be talking about decentralized publishing platforms vs. centralized publishing platforms and how blockchain technology can improve the future of the publishing industry.

Let’s take a look at the current state of centralized publishing, for example YouTube.

Essentially, you’re building a house on somebody else’s land. You’re at the mercy of Google, their algorithms, and their rules.

Competitors flagging content for removal or “spam” is a serious problem which threatens business-minded content creators reliant on publishing income.

Also, with respect to monetization, the centralized platform is the gatekeeper. They determine what the revenue splits are, how and how often publishers will be paid, and what compensation rates will be.

Crypto startups trying to solve the current challenges of publishing: STEEMIT, Props,, Flixxo