Online Marketplaces – Amazon, eBay, Particl, Syscoin, District0x

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Amazon and eBay are leaders in the online marketplace industry. They have both been around for over 20 years! That is a long, long time in the internet game.

Could blockchain tech disrupt centralized online marketplaces and pave the way for decentralized marketplaces to take over?

• The history of Amazon and eBay • Current pros/cons of centralized marketplaces • Disrupting physical goods • Disrupting digital goods • The gig economy (Upwork Fiverr) • Coin startups like Particl, Syscoin, and District0x

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  1. Hey thanks for covering particl! It never gets much attention so really great to see it getting more exposure! I been with this team since 2014(In bitcoin since 2011) and they really are one of a kind!
    particl aims to be so much more then e-commerce we are a privacy centric platform for DApps but we wanted our first DAPP to really work as a cornerstone for the decentralized economy we wish to build.
    team(i am not on team) and community have a lot of great ideas for reputation system, governance system and even a possible decentralized delivery service for the marketplace nothing concrete but the point im trying to make is the marketplace is built first to give us real world use and real world value instead of speculation..
    this will ensure we can fund building the rest of the infrastructure we intend to build…and it’s only limited by your imagination as long as it does not jeopardize security and #1 privacy we can probably do it.. but we use a governance system and community votes on such things (Including funding) so only the best ideas will take up space on our chain unlike other DApp platforms.

  2. How can you run a 0 fee centralized marketplace? how you run the servers to keep a global marketplace up without charging anything? this is why particl works not because we offer a cryptocurrency but because the marketplace is ACTUALLY Built on the chain making it decentralized therefore not requiring running costs because it’s distributed amongst network stakers who earn money to run me 😉

  3. I like Amazon because it tells my government about everything that I look at and buy : ) privacy is for criminals.

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