Bitcoin Macroeconomics with Trace Mayer

Trace Mayer and Zach Doty discuss Bitcoin Macroeconomics on the Podcast. Trace discusses bitcoin's network effects, and how they make it nearly impossible for an altcoin to overtake bitcoin.

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8 Comments on Bitcoin Macroeconomics with Trace Mayer

  1. Werner von Braun was building rocket well before he had any university degree.
    This feticism where Trace NEED to repeat constantly “DOCTOR” is ridiculous.
    Having a PhD tell nothing about the ability to deliver actual results and the moral integrity of someone.
    Should we trust a handful of developers with some specialized esoteric knowledge on something the development of a open trustless system?
    If it is true they are the only to know and understand what they are doing, then we are trusting them to not screw up.

    Anyone with a cursory understanding of decentralization and networks could tell every argument against increasing the blocksize is spurious. There is no actual difference between transmitting 1 MB block + 1 MB SegWit outside the block and transmitting 2 MB blocks with SegWit inside. In fact, it is more complex, more risky, to introduce these changes as a soft fork (that could be reversed at some time in the future by a different majority of the miners) and not make a clean Hard Fork that can not be reversed but allow the miners and the users to clearly approve or reject the change.

    • +Mirco Romanato i think its significant to modify the protocol with segwit first as this will mean when a 2mb fork happens this will mean the blockchain can allow for 4times more transactions rather than just doubling the current transactions which would happen if the hardfork to 2mb now without segwit..

      agree he needs to get over having a doctorate already lol.

  2. Every single orwellian pitfall of Bitcoins came true. Big banks love them and their technology. Government and law enforcement love them and their technology. And this includes JP MORGAN and GOLDMAN SACHS. The “blockchain” is totally unusuable unless you have a bank of supercomputers. The “little guy” can’t “mine” bitcoins for any sort of remote profits. Yet, people like Trace Mayer are trotted out to extoll the virtues of this, uh, “money.” Makes you wonder…

    • +ju5t bitcoin Not all of “us” are trying to do the best.  That’s the problem.  When you look at all the stories about bitcoins that are now proven untrue, and all the people who love them that supposedly would hate them, well, you have to wonder whether it’s by accident or by design.  In either case, it’s no good.  Larry Summers – former chief economist for the World Bank, and Treasury Secretary of the United States, is now on the board of a bitcoin company.  Blythe Masters, Vikram Pandit – look them up.  If you think that bitcoins are for the “people,” you may be correct – only you need to figure out who those “people” are.

    • +Silver Gold Scam What is your remedy for protecting savings from all the financial turbulence that threatens savings and wealth?

    • +Jim Jeffers
      You ask a very good question.  The short answer is this: As long as bankers control, create, and manipulate the money AND the supply of it AND the interest rates they charge for the use of it, you will need to buy depressed assets while people around you are selling out in “recessions,” then sell them BACK when the economy is in a “boom”.  That’s the short, short answer.

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