Today in Bitcoin (2017-09-22) – Dead Again, Bitcoin3, Pandora’s Box, Russian Mining & Fsociety

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Why Bitcoin Could Split Into Three in November: QuickTake Q&A – Bloomberg

McAfee at Shape The Future; “Pandora’s box has been opened” – Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Mining Farms Invited to Russian Leningrad Region

Free Society Foundation Plans to Establish Libertarian Country – Bitcoin News

FreeSociety, MadBitcoins and friends + bitcoin beers 🙂 – & Friends Bitcoin Meetup (Amsterdam) | Meetup

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25 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2017-09-22) – Dead Again, Bitcoin3, Pandora’s Box, Russian Mining & Fsociety

  1. Bitcoin may split into 42 bitcoins… bleh. I could split off a new chain too… doesn’t mean it will be worth anything or that anyone will use it.

    • I just hope all the attention on these splits doesn’t make people take them too seriously and turn them into a self fulfilling prophecy. The best we can do is probably to trash talk them and show why they are silly and shouldn’t matter.

    • working on his theory of socialism
      check out his last talk, Socialized Cost of Hard Forks, Free Money Wasn’t Free

  2. if you ignore 2x chain you don’t need do anything business as usual. This is decentralization if someone want to go away and thake his pice he can do it but need some support.

  3. Bitcoin! Thats what happens when one believes in all the Hyperbole.

    Is this a metaphor? Can you find the contronym? Perhaps its a double entendre? Or is it pure innuendo?

    • Rojaslee Violin he also purposely mischaracterizes it as no government when he knows damn well that’s a lie. Small, minimal, not absent.

  4. 2:47  “…everything has to be negotiated in order for it to be voluntary”, no kidding genius would you rather be forced​?

  5. Hey guys, check out Charlie Lee’s twitter, China BTC ban is BS! Exchanges, YES but mining & networks NO! (fingers crossed!)

  6. llibertarians: do you want a ruler: yes=slave, no=libertarian keeps surprising me how many people in bitcoin want a ruler. You deserve what you want good and hard.

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  8. And isn’t it great to be living in a time where one of the most recognised Bitcoin Youtubers announces an event in one of the better known capital cities in the world and there are 26 people going

  9. lol did you say Reichstag? That’s in the invading country, not the invaded one lol
    Anyway many kudos for not speaking of “Europeans” and collectively insulting all people in Europe 😀

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